Set of tools for text manipulation and translation of Game Boy ROMs
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Game Boy Text Tools


  • Clone this project
  • Make sure you have NodeJS >= 9.1.0

Relative Search

It'll search through the ROM looking for the relative distance between the bytes' characters.

Don't mix upper and lower case characters. Choose a case and keep it for each search

node relativeSearch.js path-to-rom 'what you are searching'


hexSentence: C7 BE C6 C2 BE CC
Byte for a: BA


Once you know the byte representation of lower and upper case 'a' (first letter of the alphabet in the sequential table) you can pass it to the translator function:

node translator.js 'Your sentence here' lowerCaseAByte upperCaseAByte

  • lowerCaseAByte - 0x80
  • upperCaseAByte - 0xA0

Values above for using with Pokemon Red, change it accordingly to the game


A7 8E 89 84 EF 8E EF 83 88 80 EF 85 8E 88 EF 8B 8E 94 82 8E