🦍• [Work in Progress] React Renderer to build UI interfaces using canvas/WebGL
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React Ape

React Renderer to build UI interfaces using canvas/WebGL.

React Ape Logo



React Ape is a react renderer to build UI interfaces using canvas/WebGL. React Ape was built to be an optional React-TV renderer. It's mainly a renderer focused on creating things for TV, PS4, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, PS3 and low memory devices. If you're curious about the name: It's a "joke" with Netflix's React Gibbon renderer. I choose to use Ape then.

Demo PS Vita

Under Development

1 - React Ape IS NOT Ready Yet.

2 - Should follow React Native Elements and Primitives. So will be easy to convert React Components (without bridges) to Canvas/WebGL.

3 - Accept Style as JavaScript Object.

4 - Allow to create React Components based on Canvas.

5 - Allow to inspect React Elements using React DevTools.

6 - I confess there's a lot of ideas and sketches in my head and I'll update the Readme when things become more clear.


Project/Experiment Preview
Movie List Movie List Demo
Weather App WIP


Example App

import React from 'react'
import { render, Text, ListView, View, Image, StyleSheet } from 'react-ape'

const styles = StyleSheet.create({
  heading: {
    top: 62,
    left: 250,
    color: 'white',
    fontFamily: 'Arial',
    fontWeight: 'bold',
    fontSize: 29,
  date: {
    top: 62,
    left: 1150,
    color: 'red',
    fontFamily: 'Arial',
    fontWeight: 'bold',
    fontSize: 19,
  logo: {
    top: 10,
    left: 30,
  infoAboutRenderer: {
    top: 520,
    left: 45,
    fontFamily: 'Arial',
    fontWeight: 'bold',
    fontSize: 29,

class App extends React.Component {
  constructor() {
    this.posters = [
      { name: 'Narcos', src: 'posters/narcos.jpg' },
      { name: 'Daredevil', src: 'posters/daredevil.jpg' },
      { name: 'Stranger Things', src: 'posters/stranger-things.jpg' },
    this.state = {
      date: new Date().toISOString()

  componentDidMount() {
    setInterval(() => this.setState({ date: new Date().toISOString() }), 1000)

  renderPostersList() {
    const renderRow = (data, idx) => (
      <View key={idx} onClick={() => { console.log(data) }}>
        <Image src={data.src} width={200} height={300}/>
        <Text content={data.name}/>

    return (

  render() {
    return (
        <Text style={styles.heading}>
          • Netflix Originals
        <Text style={styles.date}>
        <Text style={styles.infoAboutRenderer}>
          Rendering with Canvas2DContext using React Ape
        { this.renderPostersList() }

render(<App/>, document.getElementById('canvas-id'))

React Ape Components

React Ape provides a set of standard React components that abstract the underlying rendering implementation.



import { ListView, Text, View } from 'react-ape';

const padding = 30;
const renderRow = (data, idx) => (
    key={'poster-list-' + idx}>
    <Text style={{top: 220 * (idx + padding), left: 460, color: '#FFF'}}>

const myListView = (


Text is a flexible component that supports multi-line truncation, something which has historically been difficult and very expensive to do in DOM.


Image is exactly what you think it is. However, it adds the ability to hide an image until it is fully loaded and optionally fade it in on load.

StyleSheet (WIP)


dimensions (WIP)


Platform (WIP)



Stage 1

Initial proof-of-concept.

  • <View/>
    • overflow support
  • <ListView/>
    • support to Focus/Navigation bindings
    • calculate automatically space between items
  • Focus and Navigation system
  • Resize (???)
  • Support custom React Components which have access to ApeContext (Canvas2DContext)
  • Allow to inspect React Ape Components on React DevTools
  • "Smart clearRect" based on DiffProperties
  • Start support to Events/Interaction
    • touchStart
    • touchEnd
    • handleClick
    • handleDoubleClick
    • handleTouchStart
    • handleTouchMove
    • handleTouchEnd

Stage 2

Implement essential functionality needed for daily use by early adopters.

  • Start the Documentation
    • Create document explaing React-Ape lifecycle
  • Flexbox Support
  • Render to WebGL (ReactApe.renderToWebGL())
  • Work around Drag and Drop feature



Thanks Raphael Eckhardt for the logo <3