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@@ -55,6 +55,9 @@
+% Quotes
\hfuzz = .6pt % avoid black boxes
@@ -3,12 +3,10 @@ \chapter{Using the C API and Bindings}
\index{API|(} \index{API!calls|see{Calls}}
-He cleaned in one day the ox dung of King Augeas,\\
+\chquote{He cleaned in one day the ox dung of King Augeas,\\
Jove helping him for the most part.\\
By letting in a river\\
-he washed away all the dung.\\
-}{-- Hyginus, Fabula 30}
+he washed away all the dung.}{Fabula 30}{Hyginus}
So far, our examples have been done using \verb!augtool!, the CLI interface to Augeas. However, Augeas is first and foremost a C library.
@@ -3,15 +3,13 @@ \chapter{Exploring augtool}
-King Augeas’ fleecy flocks, good Sir,\\
+\chquote{King Augeas’ fleecy flocks, good Sir,\\
feed not all of one pasture nor all upon one spot,\\
but some of them be tended along Heilisson,\\
others beside divine Alpheüs’ sacred stream,\\
others again by the fair vineyards of Buprasium,\\
and yet others, look you, hereabout;\\
-and each flock hath his several fold builded.\\
-}{-- Theocritus, Idyll 25.7}
+and each flock hath his several fold builded.}{Idyll 25.7}{Theocritus}
While Augeas is a C library with bindings, it also provides a command-line tool called \verb!augtool!, which we will be using in the following examples. In chapter~\ref{chap:api}, we will see how to use the API and bindings directly.
@@ -3,12 +3,10 @@
-Augeias was king of Elis,\\
+\chquote{Augeias was king of Elis,\\
in some accounts a son of Helios,\\
in others of Poseidon,\\
-and in still others of Phorbas.\\
-}{-- Apollodorus, The Library 2.88}
+and in still others of Phorbas.}{The Library 2.88}{Apollodorus}
In the world of Unix systems, there is no standard way to store configuration. Countless formats can be found, from standard INI files to complex, specific, multi-level formats, making the infamous /etc directory a sort of digital Augean stable.
@@ -1,12 +1,10 @@
\chapter{Using Augeas in Puppet}
-Let it be observed, that slovenliness is no part of religion; \\
+\chquote{Let it be observed, that slovenliness is no part of religion; \\
that neither this nor any text of Scripture,\\
condemns neatness of apparel.\\
Certainly this is a duty, not a sin,\\
-``Cleanliness is, indeed, next to godliness.''\\
-}{-- John Wesley, Sermon xciii, `on Dress'}
+``Cleanliness is, indeed, next to godliness.''}{Sermon xciii, `on Dress'}{John Wesley}
Because Augeas is a configuration API, it fits right into tools that are made for configuration management. One of the most widely used of these tools in the open-source world is Puppet, and Augeas has been available as a native type in Puppet since version 0.24.7.
@@ -11,20 +11,7 @@
% Quotes
- \begin{flushright}
- \begin{small}
- \emph{
- }
- \end{small}
- \end{flushright}
+\newcommand{\chquote}[3]{\epigraph{#1}{\textit{#2}\\ \textsc{#3}}}
%% minted

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