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What is this

This is a repository that contains my up-to-date CV in LaTeX.

You can find the live versions of the CV on

How to build

Simple usage

To build all the versions (PDF and HTML), type make.

PDF version

In order to build the PDF versions of this CV, you will need:

  • A LaTeX distribution (TeXLive 2012 recommended);
  • LuaTeX;
  • MinionPro and MyriadPro fonts (you can find them with Acrobat Reader).

To build the PDF CVs, type make pdf.

HTML version

The HTML version of this CV is generated from the PDF version, using pdf2htmlex. Once you have pdf2htmlex in your PATH, type make html to build the files.

Using octicons

In order to use the Octicons font, you will need to install this font. You can find it here:

About the gh-pages branch

This project has a gh-pages branch hosting the

The gh-pages branch contains a simple static HTML page and the HTML CV files generated from pdf2htmlex.

The index.html page also allows to download the PDF CV files stored in the master branch.

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