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Raphnet adapter management tools


This is the source code for a set of tools used to manage (configure, update the firmware, etc) raphnet USB controller adapters.

Project homepage: Tools for the 3rd generation of raphnet GC/N64 to USB adapters

This project began as a tool to configure GC/N64 to USB adapters, but it has evolved to support all recent raphnet USB adapter products.


The project is released under the General Public License version 3.


  • src/ : The firmware source code
  • scripts/ : Scripts and/or useful files

Compiling the tools

In the src/ directory, just type make.

There are a few dependencies:

  • libhidapi-dev
  • libhidapi-hidraw0
  • pkg-config
  • libgtk-3-dev (for the gui only)
  • libxml2-utils (for the gui)

The gui also has run-time dependencies:

  • dfu-programmer (for firmware updates)

Provided you have all the dependencies installed, under Linux at least, it should compile without errors. For other environments such has MinGW, there are provisions in the makefile to auto-detect and tweak the build accordingly, but it if fails, be prepared to hack the makefile.

Using the tools

Under Linux, you should configure udev to give the proper permissions to your user, otherwise communicating with the device won't be possible. The same requirement also applies to dfu-programmer.

An easy way to do this is to copy the two files below to /etc/udev/rules.d, restart udev and reconnect the devices.

scripts/10-atmel-dfu.rules scripts/10-raphnet.rules

For information on how to actually /use/ the tools, try --help. Ex:

$ ./gcn64ctl --help

To open the GUI:

$ ./gcn64ctl_gui