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Cardmapper is a tool to record and augment ideation card based workshops.

How it works

1. Use ideation cards

Use printed ideation cards from one of the decks available here. Set up an ideation workshop and use the cards on a table, flipchart, or wall.

2. Turn your ideas into a “Card Map”

Take a photo of the table or wall you've put the cards on, upload it, and match the cards to the database.

3. Share your “Card Map”

Make your Card Map public: share the link to take away the outcome of the workshop, and add your Card Map to the database to share your insights with other ideation card users.

How to try it online?

Go to

How to install it?


This is an app created with the Python-based Django web framework for the back-end, Bootstrap (presentation), jQuery (effects), and Leaflet (maps) on the front-end.

Django 1.11 is the last version to be compatible with Python 2.7 and will be supported until 2020. I have used Python 3 throughout development. I have not done anything to make cardmapper compatible with Python 2. If you need Python 2 compatibility, check the Django documentation

If running via Apache and ModWSGI, make sure you install the libapache2-mod-wsgi-py3 module and not the (Python 2-compatible) libapache2-mod-wsgi-py3. If you wish to run it on Windows 10, I strongly recommend using the "Ubuntu on Windows" subsystem.

Install procedure

  1. Clone the repository
git clone
cd cardmapper
  1. Create a virtual environment (you need to install python 3 and virtualenv first), run it and install requirements
cd cardmapper
virtualenv -p python3 env
source env/bin/activate
  1. Copy and modify the settings to suit your requirements and database backend
cp src/cardmapper/ src/cardmapper/
nano src/cardmapper/
  1. Synchronize the database, create an admin user, create the demo deck and run Django's built-in development server
cd src
python migrate
python createsuperuser
python create_demo_deck
python runserver

Connect to or whichever IP/port the server is running on.

Connect to to log in and create your own decks and cards.

Examples of Ideation cards

Newest features

Annotations can be added to card maps.

Self-service account creation has been enabled. At the moment, you can only use your self-service account to create card maps from existing decks. If you want to create your own deck, contact me and I'll give your account additional privileges. Alternatively, clone this repository and set up your own Cardmapper platform.

Deck import scripts have been added. "Scrapers" to generate decks from existing ideation cards are in a separate repository


Future work includes:

  • Simplifying tag input with jquery-tagit
  • Adding an authoring interface for decks and cards (low priority as this is currently available through the admin interface)
  • Making the database searchable
  • Adding a robust rights management interface (sharing with a group, sharing through a private URL)
  • Printing decks from the database
  • Automatic card detection from "card map" images (using computer vision, with or without the need for printed markers)


Keep a digital trace of your ideation workshops!





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