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Logentries to Logentries from DotCloud

This plug in will no longer be officially supported or maintained by Logentries.
If you would be interested in maintaining this project, please contact support@logentries.com.

With these simple steps you can send your DotCloud application logs to Logentries.

Firsly you must register an account on Logentries.com, this only takes a few seconds.

Dotcloud Setup

Add an environment variable to your app so it can talk to Logentries.

To do this, place the following in your dotcloud.yml file:


Where abcdefgh is the key you obtain by clicking the Account tab on the Logentries UI.

Then click Account Key on the far right and copy and paste it.

Download the supervisord.conf file which controls our logging agent.

Place this in your project or if you have an existing file, copy the text into that.

Download postinstall and place it in your project. Ensure it is an executable with chmod +x postinstall

On your next deploy, the Logentries logging agent will register your host and you will begin to see log events on Logentries.