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#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# -*- coding: binary -*-
# $Id$
# $Revision$
msfbase = __FILE__
while File.symlink?(msfbase)
msfbase = File.expand_path(File.readlink(msfbase), File.dirname(msfbase))
@args = ARGV.dup
# May be changed
@configdir = File.expand_path(File.join(File.dirname(msfbase), "data", "svn"))
$stderr.puts "[*]"
$stderr.puts "[*] Attempting to update the Metasploit Framework..."
$stderr.puts "[*]"
$stderr.puts ""
if not (Process.uid == 0 or File.stat(msfbase).owned?)
$stderr.puts "[-] ERROR: User running msfupdate does not own the metasploit install"
$stderr.puts "Please run msfupdate as the same user who installed metasploit."
@args.each_with_index do |arg,i|
case arg
# Handle the old wait/nowait argument behavior
when "wait", "nowait"
@wait_index = i
@actually_wait = (arg == "wait")
# An empty or absent config-dir means a default config-dir
when "--config-dir"
@configdir_index = i
# A defined config dir means a defined config-dir
when /--config-dir=(.*)?/
# Spaces in the directory should be fine since this whole thing is passed
# as a single argument via the multi-arg syntax for system() below.
# TODO: Test this spaces business. I don't buy it. -todb
@configdir = $1
@configdir_index = i
@args[@wait_index] = nil if @wait_index
@args[@configdir_index] = nil if @configdir_index
@args = @args.compact
res = system("svn", "cleanup")
if res.nil?
$stderr.puts "[-] ERROR: Failed to run svn"
$stderr.puts ""
$stderr.puts "[-] If you used a binary installer, make sure you run the symlink in"
$stderr.puts "[-] /usr/local/bin instead of running this file directly (e.g.: ./msfupdate)"
$stderr.puts "[-] to ensure a proper environment."
# Cleanup worked, go ahead and update
system("svn", "update", *@args)
if @actually_wait
$stderr.puts ""
$stderr.puts "[*] Please hit enter to exit"
$stderr.puts ""
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