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wchen-r7 <wchen-r7@github> sinn3r <> # aka sinn3r
wchen-r7 <wchen-r7@github> Wei Chen <>
wchen-r7 <wchen-r7@github> sinn3r <>
todb-r7 <todb-r7@github> Tod Beardsley <>
jvazquez-r7 <jvazquez-r7@github> jvazquez-r7 <>
hmoore-r7 <hmoore-r7@github> HD Moore <>
hmoore-r7 <hmoore-r7@github> HD Moore <>
jlee-r7 <jlee-r7@github> James Lee <> # aka egypt
jlee-r7 <jlee-r7@github> James Lee <>
dmaloney-r7 <dmaloney-r7@github> David Maloney <> # aka TheLightCosine
dmaloney-r7 <dmaloney-r7@github> David Maloney <>
joev-r7 <joev-r7@github> Joe Vennix <>
bturner-r7 <bturner-r7@github> Brandon Turner <>
ecarey-r7 <ecarey-r7@github> Erran Carey <>
limhoff-r7 <limhoff-r7@github> Luke Imhoff <>
todb-r7 <todb-r7@github> Tod Beardsley <>
tasos-r7 <tasos-r7@github> Tasos Laskos <>
shuckins-r7 <shuckins-r7@github> Samuel Huckins <>
bperry-r7 <bperry-r7@github> Brandon Perry <bperry@bperry-rapid7.(none)>
bperry-r7 <bperry-r7@github> Brandon Perry <>
# Above this line are current Rapid7 employees Below this paragraph are
# volunteers, former employees, and potential Rapid7 employees who, at
# one time or another, had some largeish number of commits landed on
# rapid7/metasploit-framework master branch. This should be refreshed
# periodically. If you're on this list and would like to not be, just
# let know.
Meatballs1 <Meatballs1@github> Meatballs <>
Meatballs1 <Meatballs1@github> Meatballs1 <>
Meatballs1 <Meatballs1@github> Ben Campbell <>
jduck <jduck@github> Joshua Drake <>
jcran <jcran@github> Jonathan Cran <>
jcran <jcran@github> Jonathan Cran <>
bannedit <bannedit@github> David Rude <>
darkoperator <darkoperator@github> Carlos Perez <>
scriptjunkie <scriptjunkie@github> Matt Weeks <>
skape <skape@???> Matt Miller <>
ceballosm <ceballosm@github> Mario Ceballos <>
swtornio <swtornio@github> Steve Tornio <>
kris <kris@???> kris <>
spoonm <spoonm@github> Spoon M <>
fab <fab@???> fab <> # fab at (Fabrice MOURRON)
efraintorres <efraintorres@github> efraintorres <>
efraintorres <efraintorres@github> et <>
r3dy <r3dy@github> Royce Davis <r3dy@Royces-MacBook-Pro.local>
r3dy <r3dy@github> Royce Davis <>
mubix <mubix@github> Rob Fuller <>
nmonkee <nmonkee@github> nmonkee <>
rsmudge <rsmudge@github> Raphael Mudge <> # Aka `butane
m-1-k-3 <m-1-k-3@github> m-1-k-3 <>
kost <kost@github> Vlatko Kosturjak <>
ohdae <ohdae@github> ohdae <>
schierlm <schierlm@github> Michael Schierl <> # Aka mihi
corelanc0d3er <corelanc0d3er@github> Peter Van Eeckhoutte (corelanc0d3r) <>
corelanc0d3er <corelanc0d3er@github> corelanc0d3r <>
kernelsmith <kernelsmith@github> Joshua Smith <>
kernelsmith <kernelsmith@github> kernelsmith <kernelsmith@kernelsmith>
h0ng10 <h0ng10@github> h0ng10 <>
h0ng10 <h0ng10@github> Hans-Martin Münch <>
nullbind <nullbind@github> nullbind <>
nevdull77 <nevdull77@github> Patrik Karlsson <>
jgor <jgor@github> jgor <>
ChrisJohnRiley <ChrisJohnRiley@github> Chris John Riley <>
ChrisJohnRiley <ChrisJohnRiley@github> Chris John Riley <>
FireFart <FireFart@github> Christian Mehlmauer <>
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