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OWA (Outlook Webapp) is vulnerable to time-based user enumeration attacks. This module leverages all known, and even some lesser-known services exposed by default Exchange installations to enumerate users. It also targets Office 365 for error-based user enumeration.

  • Error-based user enumeration for on premise Exchange services

Note: Currently uses RHOSTS which resolves to an IP which is NOT desired, this is currently being fixed

Verification Steps

  • Start msfconsole
  • use auxiliary/scanner/msmail/onprem_enum
  • set RHOSTS <target>
  • set (USERorUSER_FILE`)
  • run
  • creds

Results should look something like below if valid users were found:

host      origin    service        public  private  realm  private_type
----      ------    -------        ------  -------  -----  ------------  443/tcp (owa)  443/tcp (owa)  chris