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; Author: Stephen Fewer (stephen_fewer[at]harmonysecurity[dot]com)
; Compatible: Windows 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP
; Architecture: wow64
; Version: 1.0 (Jan 2010)
; Size: 75 bytes
; Build: > executex64
; A simple function to execute native x64 code from a wow64 (x86) process.
; Can be called from C using the following prototype:
; typedef DWORD (WINAPI * EXECUTEX64)( X64FUNCTION pFunction, DWORD dwParameter );
; The native x64 function you specify must be in the following form (as well as being x64 code):
; typedef BOOL (WINAPI * X64FUNCTION)( DWORD dwParameter );
; Clobbers: EAX, ECX and EDX (ala the normal stdcall calling convention)
; Un-Clobbered: EBX, ESI, EDI, ESP and EBP can be expected to remain un-clobbered.
[BITS 32]
push ebp ; prologue, save EBP...
mov ebp, esp ; and create a new stack frame
push esi ; save the registers we shouldn't clobber
push edi ;
mov esi, [ebp+8] ; ESI = pFunction
mov ecx, [ebp+12] ; ECX = dwParameter
call delta ;
pop eax ;
add eax, (native_x64-delta) ; get the address of native_x64
sub esp, 8 ; alloc some space on stack for far jump
mov edx, esp ; EDX will be pointer our far jump
mov dword [edx+4], X64_CODE_SEGMENT ; set the native x64 code segment
mov dword [edx], eax ; set the address we want to jump to (native_x64)
call go_all_native ; perform the transition into native x64 and return here when done.
mov ax, ds ; fixes an elusive bug on AMD CPUs,
mov ss, ax ; found and fixed by ReWolf, incorporated by RaMMicHaeL
add esp, (8+4+8) ; remove the 8 bytes we allocated + the return address which was never popped off + the qword pushed from native_x64
pop edi ; restore the clobbered registers
pop esi ;
pop ebp ; restore EBP
retn (4*2) ; return to caller (cleaning up our two function params)
mov edi, [esp] ; EDI is the wow64 return address
jmp dword far [edx] ; perform the far jump, which will return to the caller of go_all_native
[BITS 64] ; we are now executing native x64 code...
xor rax, rax ; zero RAX
push rdi ; save RDI (EDI being our wow64 return address)
call rsi ; call our native x64 function (the param for our native x64 function is allready in RCX)
pop rdi ; restore RDI (EDI being our wow64 return address)
push rax ; simply push it to alloc some space
mov dword [rsp+4], WOW64_CODE_SEGMENT ; set the wow64 code segment
mov dword [rsp], edi ; set the address we want to jump to (the return address from the go_all_native call)
jmp dword far [rsp] ; perform the far jump back to the wow64 caller...