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@echo off
@setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
@set arg=%~1
if [%arg%] == [] (
echo Argument Missing:
echo You must provide a directory that contains
echo all the Windows patches in *.msu format.
echo To Download patches manually, please go:
exit /B
if not "!arg:~-1,1!" == "\" (
@set arg=!arg!\
for /f %%f in ('dir /B %arg%') DO (
@set fname=%%f
@set lastfourchars=!fname:~-4,4!
if "!lastfourchars!" == ".msu" (
@set newname=!fname:~0,-4!
mkdir %arg%!newname!
mkdir %arg%!newname!\extracted
expand /F:* %arg%!fname! %arg%!newname!
expand /F:* %arg%!newname!\!newname!.cab %arg%!newname!\extracted
echo Done!
echo Now go to %arg%,
echo and then use the search feature from Windows to
echo find the files you're interested in.