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# Need 3+ for ActiveSupport::Concern
gem 'activesupport', '>= 3.0.0'
# Needed for Msf::DbManager
gem 'activerecord'
# Needed for some admin modules (scrutinizer_add_user.rb)
gem 'json'
# Database models shared between framework and Pro.
gem 'metasploit_data_models', :git => 'git://', :tag => '0.4.0'
# Needed by msfgui and other rpc components
gem 'msgpack'
# Needed by anemone crawler
gem 'nokogiri'
# Needed for module caching in Mdm::ModuleDetails
gem 'pg', '>= 0.11'
# Needed by anemone crawler
gem 'robots'
# For sniffer and raw socket modules
gem 'pcaprub'
group :development do
# Markdown formatting for yard
gem 'redcarpet'
# generating documentation
gem 'yard'
group :development, :test do
# running documentation generation tasks and rspec tasks
gem 'rake'
group :test do
# testing framework
gem 'rspec', '>= 2.12'
# code coverage for tests
# any version newer than 0.5.4 gives an Encoding error when trying to read the source files.
gem 'simplecov', '0.5.4', :require => false
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