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+# Contributing to Metasploit
+## Reporting Bugs
+If you would like to report a bug, please take a look at [our Redmine
+-- your bug may already have been reported there! Simply [searching]( for some appropriate keywords may save everyone a lot of hassle.
+If your bug is new and you'd like to report it you will need to
+first]( Don't
+worry, it's easy and fun and takes about 30 seconds.
+## Contributing Metasploit Modules
+If you have an exploit that you'd like to contribute to the Metasploit
+Framework, please familiarize yourself with the
+document in the
+Metasploit-Framework repository. There are many mysteries revealed in
+HACKING concerning code style and content.
+[Pull requests](
+should corellate with modules at a 1:1 ratio
+-- there is rarely a good reason to have two, three, or ten modules on
+one pull request, as this dramatically increases the review time
+required to land (commit) any of those modules.
+Pull requests tend to be very collaborative for Metasploit -- do not be
+surprised if your pull request to rapid7/metasploit-framework triggers a
+pull request back to your own fork. In this way, we can isolate working
+changes before landing your PR to the Metasploit master branch.
@@ -40,10 +40,11 @@ reading some of the great tutorials online:
-See the [Dev Environment Setup][wiki-devenv] guide on github which will
+See the [Dev Environment Setup][wiki-devenv] guide on GitHub which will
walk you through the whole process starting from installing all the
dependencies, to cloning the repository, and finally to submitting a
-pull request.
+pull request. For slightly more info, see
[wiki-devenv]: "Metasploit Development Environment Setup"

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