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Be more clear on protocol types

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1 parent 4ea6b88 commit eb6a6c1fabcb4ae5f957b6182ebc1db59c8ddf84 @todb todb committed Feb 21, 2013
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@@ -40,7 +40,9 @@ def print_deprecation_warning
$stdout.puts "[*] source checkouts will NO LONGER update over SVN, but will be using"
$stdout.puts "[*] GitHub exclusively. You should either download a new Metasploit"
$stdout.puts "[*] installer, or use a git clone of Metasploit Framework before"
- $stdout.puts "[*] then. You will also need outbound access to"
+ $stdout.puts "[*] then. You will also need outbound access to on"
+ $stdout.puts "[*] TCP port 9418 (git), 22 (ssh) or 443 (https), depending on the"
+ $stdout.puts "[*] protocol used to clone Metasploit Framework (usually, git protocol)."
if is_svn

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