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Commits on Mar 5, 2012
  1. A few more author typos

    James Lee committed
  2. Module author typo

    James Lee committed
  3. Fix a couple of typos that throw off module authors

    James Lee committed
  4. @todb

    Merge in db console commands for search

    todb committed
    Incorporates search option from @sempervictus , fixing a couple issues
    along the way. This resolves Redmine issue #6185.
    [Closes #107]
  5. @todb

    Fix up notes search implementation

    todb committed
    Uses delete_if and a negative assertion, rather than the (much nicer but
    unavailable) keep_if method.
  6. @todb

    Tidies up sempervictus's search patch

    todb committed
    Affects the console's db commands of hosts, services, vulns, creds, notes,
    Skips searching entirely unless a search term is provided, and
    explicitly casts the term as a Regexp object from the outset.
    Avoids using Object#to_sym in preference of Object#intern (safer in
    nearly all cases)
    Temporarily disables functionality on notes since Array#keep_if isn't
    available prior to Ruby 1.9.2
  7. @sempervictus @todb
  8. @sinn3r
  9. @sinn3r
  10. @gregory-m

    afp_server_info fixes and improvements

    gregory-m committed
    1.9 compatibility, timeouts, reporting
  11. @hdm
Commits on Mar 2, 2012
  1. @gregory-m
  2. @todb

    Merge branch 'wmap_update'

    todb committed
    Fixed up a few merge conflicts, tested against metasploitable, looks
    functional. Thanks Efraim!
    [Closes #154]
  3. @todb
  4. @todb

    Unpolluting SVN Revision keyword

    todb committed
    Sometimes Revision keywords get expanded, too. Fix those.
  5. @todb

    Un-polluting SVN Id keyword

    todb committed
    Sometimes the SVN Id keyword sneaks back into the github repo already
  6. @efraintorres @todb

    Fix body cero.

    efraintorres committed with todb
  7. @efraintorres @todb
  8. @efraintorres @todb
  9. @efraintorres @todb
  10. @efraintorres @todb
  11. @efraintorres @todb
  12. @efraintorres @todb
  13. @efraintorres @todb
  14. @efraintorres @todb
  15. @efraintorres @todb

    One more module.

    efraintorres committed with todb
  16. @efraintorres @todb

    First step on module cleaning.

    efraintorres committed with todb
  17. @efraintorres @todb

    Adjust documentation.

    efraintorres committed with todb
  18. @efraintorres @todb

    Minor fixes on view nodes jobs.

    efraintorres committed with todb
  19. @efraintorres @todb
  20. @efraintorres @todb
  21. @efraintorres @todb
  22. @efraintorres @todb

    Renaming duh.

    efraintorres committed with todb
  23. @efraintorres @todb
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