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tag: 2012081601
Commits on Aug 15, 2012
  1. @todb

    Updating trusted_service_path from master

    todb authored
    Now with more references.
  2. @todb


    todb authored
  3. @todb

    Fix up description a little

    todb authored
  4. @todb
  5. @todb

    Msftidy fix and adding OSVDB

    todb authored
  6. @todb

    Recapitalizing GlobalSCAPE

    todb authored
    According to
    this seems to be the preferred capitalization.
Commits on Aug 14, 2012
  1. @todb
  2. @todb

    Indentation fix

    todb authored
  3. @todb

    Shortening an over-200 long line for readability

    todb authored
    It's a contrived fix, but scrolling over is a hassle. This comes up a
    lot in long regexes, not sure the best way to address these.
  4. @sinn3r

    Minor title update

    sinn3r authored
  5. @todb

    Merge branch 'master' into release

    todb authored
    Resolved conflict by including Post::Common in psexec module.
  6. Added module for BID 46375

    jvazquez-r7 authored
  7. @sinn3r
  8. @sinn3r
Commits on Aug 13, 2012
  1. @todb

    Updating msft links to psexec

    todb authored
    Thanks for the spot @shuckins-r7 !
  2. ranking changed plus on_new_session handler added

    jvazquez-r7 authored
  3. @sinn3r
  4. Merge branch 'testlink_upload_exec' of…

    jvazquez-r7 authored
    …sploit-framework into bcoles-testlink_upload_exec
  5. @sinn3r
  6. @sinn3r
  7. @sinn3r

    Merge branch 'zenworks_assetmgmt_uploadservlet' of…

    sinn3r authored
    …/jvazquez-r7/metasploit-framework into jvazquez-r7-zenworks_assetmgmt_uploadservlet
  8. @bcoles
  9. @hmoore-r7
Commits on Aug 12, 2012
  1. @sinn3r

    ADD OSVDB-84517

    sinn3r authored
  2. @hmoore-r7

    Merge pull request #687 from sempervictus/net_ssh_proxies

    hmoore-r7 authored
    This commit allows ssh_login to use socks proxies.
  3. dd Opt::Proxies and opthash[:proxies] to exploits

    RageLtMan authored
  4. Add Opt::Proxies and opthash[:proxies] to ssh mods

    RageLtMan authored
  5. This commit allows ssh_login to use socks proxies. Net::SSH::Transpor…

    RageLtMan authored
    …t::Session could take a :proxy option,
    but it expects a factory object not a string, when setting :proxy => datastore['Proxies'] user got:
    "Auxiliary failed: NoMethodError private method `open' called for \"socks4:localhost:1080\":String."
    VALID_OPTIONS in ssh.rb now takes :proxies option which is passed to the Rex socket in
    Testing: block all outgoing to SSH server, try to connect with a proxy. Try with :proxy option,
    then merge this pull request and try again.
  6. Added module for CVE-2011-2653

    jvazquez-r7 authored
Commits on Aug 10, 2012
  1. @bonsaiviking

    Fix unused ADDR_DST option in fuzz_beacon

    bonsaiviking authored
    auxiliary/fuzzers/wifi/fuzz_beacon offers ADDR_DST option, probably
    copy-pasted from some other wifi modules, but does not use it, likely
    because beacons are meant to be sent to broadcast address only. Since
    this is a fuzzer, changing the destination address may be desirable.
    Used the option in building the frame to be sent.
  2. @bonsaiviking

    Fix use of URI option for glassfish_login

    bonsaiviking authored
    auxiliary/scanner/http/glassfish_login offers URI option to set the path
    where Glassfish is installed, but it doesn't work. Replaced it with
    TARGETURI and call target_uri.path to get a base path.
  3. @egypt

    Fix load order issues (again)

    egypt authored
    This is getting annoying.  Some day we'll have autoload and never have
    to deal with this.
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