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Commits on Dec 2, 2012
  1. @bturner-r7

    Merge pull request #1119 from bug/fix-module-search

    bturner-r7 committed
    [FIXRM #7561]
    [SEERM #7553]
  2. @hdm
  3. @hdm
  4. @hdm
  5. @hdm

    Whitespace changes only

    hdm committed
Commits on Dec 1, 2012
  1. @bturner-r7

    Merge pull request #1118 from rapid7/bugs/rm7553-uncached-modules-search

    bturner-r7 committed
    Bugs/rm7553 uncached modules search
  2. @bturner-r7

    Fix typo

    bturner-r7 committed
  3. @todb

    Doesn't have anything to do with #7533.

    todb committed
    Typo'ed the bug number. Should have been
    [FixRM #7553]
    [SeeRM #7533]
  4. @todb

    Correct bug number

    todb committed
  5. @todb

    If there are no search results, try harder.

    todb committed
    Sometimes, the database is active but the cache isn't filled out, or
    doesn't contain the module you want. This can come up especially when
    msfconsole first starts and you are programmatically searching for
    modules, for whatever reason.
    This allows for falling back to the regular (slow) search in the event
    no hits have been returned. It does not actually address the caching
    problem seen in QA, but it's generally going to be Good Enough. Search
    is getting overhauled Real Soon Now anyway.
    [FixRM #7533]
Commits on Nov 30, 2012
  1. @todb

    Fixes a pro bug with updating

    todb committed
    This came up in a release candidate for Metasploit 4.5, haven't
    exercised this code path yet.
    Aint no thang.
    [FixRM #7549]
  2. @todb

    Comment the one case where we backtick git

    todb committed
    There is only the one time we actually need the output of the local git
    command, so comment it accordingly.
    Someday, in the unknowable future, we'll use a proper Git library
    instead of backticks and system() calls.
  3. @erran @todb

    Fix typos

    erran committed with todb
  4. @erran @todb
  5. @sinn3r
  6. @sinn3r

    Merge branch 'mandreko-http_hsts'

    sinn3r committed
  7. @sinn3r

    Minor changes here and there

    sinn3r committed
    Changes include:
    * Some corrections in metadata
    * report_note()
    * Removes connect(), usually don't need it in modules
  8. Fix missing require

    James Lee committed
    [Closes #1106]
  9. @hdm

    Catch exceptions from broken modules

    hdm committed
  10. @hdm

    Bump to 4.5.0-release for testing

    hdm committed
  11. @mandreko
  12. @sinn3r

    Modify name a little

    sinn3r committed
  13. @sinn3r

    Change output

    sinn3r committed
  14. @sinn3r
  15. @sinn3r

    Mostly cosmetic changes

    sinn3r committed
  16. @sinn3r

    Merge branch 'ftpx_post_gather' of git://…

    sinn3r committed
    …-framework into bcoles-ftpx_post_gather
  17. Merge branch 'blazevideo' of…

    jvazquez-r7 committed
    …ramework into wchen-r7-blazevideo
  18. @mandreko
  19. @sinn3r
  20. @sinn3r
  21. @bturner-r7

    Don't set BUNDLE_GEMFILE env var if already set

    bturner-r7 committed
    This allows setting BUNDLE_GEMFILE with `bundle exec` or some other
    command in special cases.
  22. @bcoles

    Add FTP Explorer (FTPx) post->gather->credentials module

    bcoles committed
    This module finds saved login credentials for the
    FTP Explorer (FTPx) FTP client for Windows.
Commits on Nov 29, 2012
  1. @hdm
  2. @sinn3r

    Merge branch 'network_shutdown_creds' of git://…

    sinn3r committed
    …tasploit-framework into wchen-r7-network_shutdown_creds
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