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Jun 29, 2012

  1. HD Moore

    Mark all libraries as defaulting to 8-bit strings

    hmoore-r7 authored

Apr 16, 2012

  1. Tod Beardsley

    Cutting over rails3 to master.

    This switches the Metasploit Framework to a Rails 3 backend. If you run
    into new problems (especially around Active Record or your postgresql
    gem) you should try first updating your Ruby installation to 1.9.3 and
    use a more recent 'pg' gem.
    If that fails, we'd love to see your bug report (just drop all the
    detail you can into an issue on GitHub). In the meantime, you can
    checkout the rails2 branch, which was branched from master immediately
    before this cutover.
    Squashed commit of the following:
    commit 5802ec8
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 23:30:12 2012 -0500
        Enable MSF_BUNDLE_GEMS mode by default (set to N/F/0 to disable)
    commit 8102f98
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 23:30:03 2012 -0500
        Add a method to expand win32 file paths
    commit bda6479
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 18:53:44 2012 -0500
        Fix 1.8.x compatibility
    commit 101ce4e
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 18:40:59 2012 -0500
        Use verbose instead of stringio
    commit 5db467f
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 18:30:06 2012 -0500
        Hide the iconv warning, were stuck with it due to EBCDIC support
    commit 63b9cb2
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 18:29:58 2012 -0500
        Dont use GEM_HOME by default
    commit ca49271
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 18:23:34 2012 -0500
        Move Gemfile to root (there be dragons, lets find them) and catch failed bundler loads
    commit 34af040
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 18:18:29 2012 -0500
        Fallback to bundler when not running inside of a installer env
    commit ed1066a
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 16:26:55 2012 -0500
        Remove a mess of gems that were not actually required
    commit 21290a7
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 15:59:10 2012 -0500
        Hack around a gem() call that is well-intentioned but an obstacle in this case
    commit 8e414a8bfab9641c81088d22f73033be5b37a700
    Author: Tod Beardsley <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 15:06:08 2012 -0500
        Ruby, come on. Ducktype this. Please.
        Use interpolated strings to get the to_s behavior you don't get with
        just plussing.
    commit 0fa92c58750f8f84edbecfaab72cd2da5062743f
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 15:05:42 2012 -0500
        Add new eventmachine/thin gems
    commit 819d5e7d45e0a16741d3852df3ed110b4d7abc44
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 15:01:18 2012 -0500
        Purge (reimport in a second)
    commit ea6f3f6c434537ca15b6c6674e31081e27ce7f86
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 14:54:42 2012 -0500
        Cleanup uncessary .so files (ext vs lib)
    commit d219330a3cc563e9da9f01fade016c9ed8cda21c
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 14:53:02 2012 -0500
        PG gems built against the older installation environment
    commit d6e590cfa331ae7b25313ff1471c6148a6b36f3b
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 14:06:35 2012 -0500
        Rename to include the version
    commit a893de222b97ce1222a55324f1811b0262aae2d0
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 13:56:47 2012 -0500
        Detect older installation environments and load the arch-lib directories into the search path
    commit 6444bba0a421921e2ebe2df2323277a586f9736f
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 13:49:25 2012 -0500
        Merge in windows gems
    commit 95efbcfde220917bc7ee08e6083d7b383240d185
    Author: Tod Beardsley <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 13:49:33 2012 -0500
        Report_vuln shouldn't use :include in finder
        find_or_create_by doesn't take :include as a param.
    commit c5f99eb87f0874ef7d32fa42828841c9a714b787
    Author: David Maloney <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 12:44:09 2012 -0500
        One more msised Mdm namespace issue
    commit 2184e2bbc3dd9b0993e8f21d2811a65a0c694d68
    Author: David Maloney <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 12:33:41 2012 -0500
        Fixes some mroe Mdm namespace confusion
        Fixes #6626
    commit 10cee17f391f398bb2be3409137ff7348c7a66ee
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 03:40:44 2012 -0500
        Add robots gem (required by webscan)
    commit 327e674c83850101364c9cca8f8d16da1de3dfb5
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 03:39:05 2012 -0500
        Fix missing error checks
    commit a5a24641866e47e611d7636a3f19ba3b3ed10ac5
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 01:15:37 2012 -0500
        Reorder requires and add a method for injecting a new migration path
    commit 250a5fa5ae8cb05807af022aa4168907772c15f8
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 00:56:09 2012 -0500
        Remove missing constant (use string) and add gemcache cleaner
    commit 37ad6063fce0a41dddedb857fa49aa2c4834a508
    Merge: d47ee82 4be0361
    Author: Tod Beardsley <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 00:40:16 2012 -0500
        Merge branch 'master-clone' into rails3-clone
    commit d47ee82ad7e66de53dd3d3a65649cc37299a2479
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 00:30:03 2012 -0500
        cleanup leftovers from gems
    commit 6d883b5aa8a3a7ddbcde5bfd4521d57c5b30d3c2
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sun Apr 15 00:25:47 2012 -0500
        MDM update with purged DBSave module
    commit 71e4f2d81f6da221b76150562a16c730888f5925
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sat Apr 14 23:19:37 2012 -0500
        Add new mdm
    commit 651cd5adac8211d65e0c8079371d8264e549533a
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sat Apr 14 23:19:13 2012 -0500
        Update mdm
    commit 0191a8bd0acec30ddb2a9e9c291111a12378537f
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sat Apr 14 22:30:40 2012 -0500
        This fixes numerous cases of missed Mdm:: prefixes on db objects
    commit a2a9bb3f2148622c135663dead80b3367b6f7695
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sat Apr 14 18:30:18 2012 -0500
        Add eventmachine
    commit 301ddeb12b906ed3c508613ca894347bedc3b499
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sat Apr 14 18:18:12 2012 -0500
        A nicer error for folks who need to upgrade pg
    commit fa6bde1e67b12e2d3d9978f59bbc98e0c1a1a707
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sat Apr 14 17:54:55 2012 -0500
        Remove bundler requirements
    commit 2e3ab9ed211303f1116e602b9a450141b71e56a4
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sat Apr 14 17:35:38 2012 -0500
        Pull in eventmachine with actual .so's this time
    commit 901fb33ff6b754ce2c2cfd51e3b0b669f6ec600b
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sat Apr 14 17:19:12 2012 -0500
        Update deps, still need to add eventmachine
    commit 6b0e17068e8caa0601f3ef81e8dbdb672758fcbe
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sat Apr 14 13:07:06 2012 -0500
        Handle older installer environments and only allow binary gems when the
        environment specifically asks for it
    commit b98eb7873a6342834840424699caa414a5cb172a
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sat Apr 14 04:05:13 2012 -0500
        Bump version to -testing
    commit 6ac508c4ba3fdc278aaf8cfe2c58d01de3395431
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sat Apr 14 02:25:09 2012 -0500
        Remove msf3 subdir
    commit a27dac5067635a95b4cbb773df1985f2a2dc2c5a
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sat Apr 14 02:24:39 2012 -0500
        Remove the old busted external
    commit 5fb5a0fc642b6c301934c319db854cc3145427a1
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sat Apr 14 02:03:10 2012 -0500
        Add the gemcache loader
    commit 09e2d89dfd09b9ac0c123fcc4e19816c86725627
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sat Apr 14 02:02:23 2012 -0500
        Purge gemfile/bundler configure in exchange for new gemcache setup
    commit 3cc0264e1cfb027b515d7f24b95a74b023bd905c
    Author: Tod Beardsley <>
    Date:   Thu Apr 12 14:11:45 2012 -0500
        Mode change on modicon_ladder.apx
    commit c18b3d56efd639e461137acdc76b4b283fe978d4
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Thu Apr 12 01:38:56 2012 -0500
        The go faster button
    commit ca2a67d51d6d4c7c3ca2e745f8b018279aef668a
    Merge: 674ee09 b8129f9
    Author: Tod Beardsley <>
    Date:   Mon Apr 9 15:50:33 2012 -0500
        Merge branch 'master-clone' into rails3-clone
        Picking up Packetfu upstream changes, all pretty minor
    commit 674ee097ab8a6bc9608bf377479ccd0b87e7302b
    Merge: e9513e5 a26e844
    Author: Tod Beardsley <>
    Date:   Mon Apr 9 13:57:26 2012 -0500
        Merge branch 'master-clone' into rails3-clone
        Resolved conflicts with the reverse_http handlers and the udp probe /
        scanners byt favoring the more recent changes (which happened to be the
        intent anyway). The reverse_http and reverse_https changes were mine so
        I know what the intent was, and @dmaloney-r7 changed udp_probe and
        udp_sweep to use pcAnywhere_stat instead of merely pcAnywhere, so the
        intent is clear there as well.
    commit e9513e54f984fdb100c13b44a1724246779ccb76
    Author: David Maloney <>
    Date:   Fri Apr 6 18:21:46 2012 -0500
        Some fixes to how services get reported to prevent issues with the web interface
    commit adeb44e9aaf1a329a0e587d2b26e678398730422
    Author: David Maloney <>
    Date:   Mon Apr 2 15:39:46 2012 -0500
        Some corrections to pcAnywhere discovery modules to distinguish between the two services
    commit b13900176484fea8f5217a2ef925ae2ad9b7af47
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sat Mar 31 12:03:21 2012 -0500
        Enable additional migration-path parameters, use a temporary directory to bring the database online
    commit 526b4c56883f461417f71269404faef38639917c
    Author: David Maloney <>
    Date:   Wed Mar 28 23:24:56 2012 -0500
        A bunch of Mdsm fixes for .kind_of? calls, to make sure we ponit to the right place
    commit 2cf3143370af808637d164ce59400605300f922c
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Mon Mar 26 16:22:09 2012 -0500
        Check for ruby 2.0 as well as 1.9 for encoding override
    commit 4d0f51b76d89f00f7acbce6b1f00dc6e4c4545ee
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Mon Mar 26 15:36:04 2012 -0500
        Remove debug statement
    commit f5d2335e7745aa1a354f4d6c8fc9d0b3876c472a
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Mon Mar 26 15:01:55 2012 -0500
        Be explicit about the Mdm namespace
    commit bc8be225606d6ea38dd2a85ab4310c1c181a94ee
    Author: hdm <hdm@hypo.(none)>
    Date:   Mon Mar 26 11:49:51 2012 -0500
        Precalculate some uri strings in case the 1000-round generation fails
    commit 4254f419723349ffb93e4aebdaeabbd7d66bf8c0
    Author: Trevor Rosen <>
    Date:   Sat Mar 24 14:03:44 2012 -0500
        Removed some non-namespaced calls to Host
    commit c8190e1bb8ad365fb0d7a1c4a9173e6c739be85c
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Tue Mar 20 00:37:00 2012 -0500
        Purge the rvmrc, this is causing major headaches
    commit 76df18588917b7150a3bedf2569710a80bab51f8
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Tue Mar 20 00:31:52 2012 -0500
        Switch .rvmrc to the shipping 1.9.3 version
    commit 7124971d0032b268f4ddf89aca125f15e284f345
    Author: David Maloney <>
    Date:   Mon Mar 12 16:56:40 2012 -0500
        Adds mixin for looking up Mime Types by extension
    commit b7ca8353164c43db6bacb2f3f16afa1269f66e43
    Merge: a0b0c75 6b9a219
    Author: Matt Buck <>
    Date:   Tue Mar 6 19:38:53 2012 -0600
        Merge from develop.
    commit a0b0c7528d2b8fabb76b2246a15004bc89239cf0
    Author: Trevor Rosen <>
    Date:   Tue Mar 6 11:08:59 2012 -0600
        Somehow migration file is new?
    commit 84d2b3cb1ad6290413c3ea3222ddf9932270b105
    Author: David Maloney <>
    Date:   Wed Feb 29 16:38:55 2012 -0600
        Added ability to specify headers to redirects in http server
    commit e50d27cda83872c616722adb03dc1a6a5e685405
    Author: HD Moore <>
    Date:   Sat Feb 4 04:44:50 2012 -0600
        Tweak the event dispatcher to enable customer events without a category
        and trigger http request events from the main exploit mixin.
    commit 0e4fd2040df49df2e6cb0e8d2c6240a03d108033
    Author: Matt Buck <>
    Date:   Thu Feb 2 22:09:05 2012 -0600
        Change Msm -> Mdm in migrations. This is what was preventing migrations from finishing on first boot.
    commit c94a2961d04eee84adfd42bb01ed7a3e3846b83a
    Author: Trevor Rosen <>
    Date:   Wed Feb 1 12:48:48 2012 -0600
        Changed Gemfile to use new gem name
    commit 245c2063f06b4fddbfc607d243796669ef236136
    Author: Trevor Rosen <>
    Date:   Wed Feb 1 12:47:42 2012 -0600
        Did find/replace for final namespace of Mdm
    commit 6ed9bf8430b555dcbe62daeddb2f33bd400ab5bc
    Author: Trevor Rosen <>
    Date:   Tue Jan 24 10:47:44 2012 -0600
        Fix a bunch of namespace issues
    commit 2fe08d9e4226c27e78d07a00178c58f528cbc72e
    Author: Matt Buck <>
    Date:   Fri Jan 20 14:37:37 2012 -0600
        Update Msm contstants in migrations for initial DB builds.
    commit 4cc6b8fb0440c6258bf70de77a9153468fea4ea5
    Author: Matt Buck <>
    Date:   Fri Jan 20 14:37:25 2012 -0600
        Update Gemfile.lock.
    commit 1cc655b678f0a054a9a783da119237fe3f67faa4
    Author: Trevor Rosen <>
    Date:   Thu Jan 19 11:48:29 2012 -0600
        Errant Workspaces needed namespace
    commit 607a78285582c530a68985add33ccf4d899c467a
    Author: Trevor Rosen <>
    Date:   Tue Jan 17 15:44:02 2012 -0600
        Refactored all models to use the new namespace
        * Every model using DBManager::* namespace is now Msm namespace
        * Almost all of this in msf/base/core
        * Some in modules
    commit a690cd959b3560fa2284975ca7ecca10c228fb05
    Author: Trevor Rosen <>
    Date:   Tue Jan 17 13:41:44 2012 -0600
        Move bundler setup
    commit dae115cc8f7619ca7a827123079cb67fb4d9354b
    Author: Trevor Rosen <>
    Date:   Mon Jan 9 15:51:07 2012 -0600
        Moved ActiveSupport dep to gem
    commit d32f8edb6e7f82079b775ffbc2b9a405d1f32b3b
    Author: Trevor Rosen <>
    Date:   Mon Jan 9 14:40:05 2012 -0600
        Removed model require file
    commit d0c74cff8c44771e566ec63b03eda10d03b25c42
    Author: Trevor Rosen <>
    Date:   Tue Jan 3 16:06:10 2012 -0600
        Update some more finds
    commit 4eb79ea6b58b74c309ab1f1bb0bd35fe9041de46
    Author: Trevor Rosen <>
    Date:   Tue Jan 3 14:21:15 2012 -0600
        Yet another dumb commit
    commit a75febcb593d52fdfe930306b4275829759d81d1
    Author: Trevor Rosen <>
    Date:   Thu Dec 29 19:20:51 2011 -0600
        Fixing deletion
    commit dc139ff2fdfc4e7cdee3901dfb863e70913d6b92
    Author: Trevor Rosen <>
    Date:   Wed Dec 7 17:06:45 2011 -0600
        Fixed erroneous commit
    commit 531c1e611cf4d23aeb9c48350dabf7630d662d25
    Author: Trevor Rosen <>
    Date:   Mon Nov 21 16:11:35 2011 -0600
        Remove AR patch stuff; attempting to debug non-connection between MSF and Pro
    commit 458611224189c7aa27e500aabd373d85dc2dc5c0
    Author: Trevor Rosen <>
    Date:   Fri Nov 18 16:17:27 2011 -0600
        Drop ActiveRecord/ActiveSupport in preparation for upgrade
    todb authored

Feb 04, 2012

  1. HD Moore

    Load from the absolute, not relative path

    hmoore-r7 authored

Nov 24, 2011

  1. HD Moore

    Fix up bad line removals

    hmoore-r7 authored
  2. HD Moore

    Bump fastlib to 0.0.6, no longer need to push metasploit.fastlib into…

    … the include path
    hmoore-r7 authored

Nov 21, 2011

  1. Adds fastlib and lib/metasploit.fastlib to the include path

    HD Moore authored

Feb 15, 2011

  1. Joshua J. Drake

    Fixes #3712, Do not keep looping on ENOENT or EINVAL

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@11752 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    jduck authored

Dec 14, 2010

  1. Joshua J. Drake

    fix some silly input/output translation bugs with msfencode

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@11326 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    jduck authored

Sep 21, 2010

  1. Joshua J. Drake

    add verbosity flag, disable stack traces w/o it

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@10409 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    jduck authored
  2. Joshua J. Drake

    big exe/dll update, see #2017

    NOTE: These changes specifically affect payload encoding via RPC, "use
    payload", and msfencode
    1. consolidate user-specified exe generation routine (now
    2. supported format types are now queried/checked using arrays
    3. cleaned up and standardized exe option passing
    4. rename data store options for EXE mixin
    5. add generate_payload_exe_service for psexec/smb_relay
    6. reworked default template handling in Msf::Util::EXE
      a. added template search path option (not used if template includes
    a path separator)
      b. "fallback" flag to enable using default if specified file doesn't
    7. added Msf::Util::EXE.to_win64pe_dll
    8. improved error messages from exe generation
    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@10404 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    jduck authored

Sep 20, 2010

  1. Joshua J. Drake

    rework to_jsp_war a bit, fix uses, default msfencode -t war to x86/win32

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@10397 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    jduck authored

Sep 18, 2010

  1. Joshua J. Drake

    prevent loading activerecord for msf{payload,encode}

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@10368 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    jduck authored

Aug 19, 2010

  1. James Lee

    add dll output to msfencode, refactor some junk

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@10061 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    jlee-r7 authored

May 03, 2010

  1. Joshua J. Drake

    more cleanups

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@9212 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    jduck authored

Apr 14, 2010

  1. HD Moore

    Macho support for msfencode

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@9071 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored

Mar 24, 2010

  1. HD Moore

    Closes #1244 with a caveat. If the template injected calls ExitProces…

    …s(), the payload will be killed. This means that -k is not compatible with our default executable
    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@8896 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored

Mar 18, 2010

  1. HD Moore

    Indicate the method for using javascript (js_le, js_be) in the help o…

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@8846 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored

Feb 18, 2010

  1. Joshua J. Drake

    add support for WAR archives to msfencode, closes #774

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@8545 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    jduck authored

Dec 28, 2009

  1. HD Moore

    Add -t asp to msfencode :)

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@8013 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored

Dec 13, 2009

  1. HD Moore

    This adds support for the old exe format to msfencode using -t exe-sm…

    …all and allows encoder modules to change preferences based on the platform, which fully solves #430.
    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@7840 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored

Nov 04, 2009

  1. HD Moore

    Fixes #463. Missing a return value in exe.rb and missing a default fo…

    …rmat in msfencode
    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@7357 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored

Nov 01, 2009

  1. HD Moore

    This patch implements a much more flexible executable creation scheme…

    … at the cost of exe size. This also adds the "-x" option to msfencode, allowing the user to specify their own executable template for generation.
    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@7315 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored

Oct 20, 2009

  1. HD Moore

    Fix msfencode -l, thanks _sinn3r

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@7218 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored

Oct 19, 2009

  1. HD Moore

    Fixes #386. Adds a persistent VBS payload option (keep running the pa…

    …yload in a loop) via the loop-vbs type in msfencode. Adds a 'persistence' script to allow easy persistent meterpeter agent deployment. "run persistence -h" for help. Sample command line:
    meterpreter> run persistence -r -p 443 -A -X -i 300
    This would install a meterpreter agent that would try to connect to once every 300 seconds. This would also start a multi/handler in the background (-A) and make this autorun when any user logs in (-X). In most scenarios, this works just fine:
    meterpreter> run persistence -A
    This uses your default IP and the default port and immediates handles the next connection, but doesnt install via the registry.
    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@7204 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored

Aug 25, 2009

  1. HD Moore

    Remove extraneous check

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@6977 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored
  2. HD Moore

    Fix a bug generating executables when no arch was defined

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@6976 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored

Aug 23, 2009

  1. HD Moore

    Merge in the beginnings of x64 support from Stephen Fewer

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@6972 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored

Jun 24, 2009

  1. HD Moore

    Fix up EXE to VBA handling

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@6708 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored

Jun 21, 2009

  1. HD Moore

    Load the encoders/nops modules in msfpayload for encoding, load nops …

    …in msfencode
    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@6694 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored
  2. HD Moore

    Sync up the API calls for msfpayload/msfencode, thanks Carlos

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@6693 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored

Jun 20, 2009

  1. HD Moore

    Update executable template and API

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@6682 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored

Jun 14, 2009

  1. HD Moore

    Indicate lack of support for ruby 1.9.0, indicate experimental suppor…

    …t for ruby 1.9.1
    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@6661 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored

May 11, 2009

  1. HD Moore

    patch to msfencode to support elf format output from Bernardo Damele …

    …A. G.
    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@6543 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored

Mar 11, 2009

  1. HD Moore

    Allow -c option to msfencode to specify encode count

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@6333 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored

Jan 30, 2009

  1. HD Moore

    Patch from Jonathan Steel to fix double-symlinks

    git-svn-id: file:///home/svn/framework3/trunk@6203 4d416f70-5f16-0410-b530-b9f4589650da
    hmoore-r7 authored
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