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base fork: rapid7/metasploit-framework
head fork: rapid7/metasploit-framework
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Commits on Apr 02, 2012
@egypt egypt Update packetfu to 1.1.4 24e6131
Commits on Apr 03, 2012
@egypt egypt Don't read in the whole pcap file when importing
Still not amazingly fast (about 500 packets per second in my tests), but
now it won't eat all your ram and start crashing things when given a
large file. Requires an upgrade to PacketFu containing pull request 5.
@egypt egypt Revert "Update packetfu to 1.1.4"
This reverts commit 24e6131.
Commits on Apr 09, 2012
@todb todb Merge branch 'egypt-packetwise'
Added in the upstream PacketFu changes and this all looks good for the
importer. Thanks!
Commits on Apr 10, 2012
@hmoore-r7 hmoore-r7 Fix pack order a9d733f
@schierlm schierlm Add firefox_xpi_bootstrapped_addon exploit
This is similar to java_signed_applet as it does not exploit a vulnerability, but
hope that the user will trust the addon.
@egypt egypt Remove print_status line from db.rb
Not defined in that context, causes stack traces on db_import
@sinn3r sinn3r Merge branch 'firefox_xpi' of…
…framework into schierlm-firefox_xpi
@sinn3r sinn3r Whitespace cleanup 76c12fe
@sinn3r sinn3r Change the output style to comply with egyp7's expectations. 0e1fff2
@todb todb Adding another ref and a disclosuredate to mihi's XPI module
Calling the disclosure date 2007 since TippingPoint published a blog
post back then about this XPI confirm-and-install vector.
@todb todb Trailing space on xpi bootstrap module cdc020b
@todb todb Leading tabs, not spaces
There's a coding style in here that will make msftidy.rb cry, and

varfoo = %q|

Usually, you want something like

varfoo = ""
varfoo << %q|    stuff|
varfoo << %q|      thats|
varfoo << %q|        html|

That said, the Description field is usually written as tab-intended
multiline %q{} enclosures, so that's what I'll do here to make
msftidy.rb happy.
@todb todb ACTION on persistence.rb should be an OptEnum
That way, upcase / downcase problems get caught on option validation,
rather than down in the module's guts.
@todb todb Yank the ACTION option from persistence
Other problems with this module since commit
5ba5bbf but this should be enough to
get it working again.
@todb-r7 todb-r7 Merge pull request #325 from rapid7/persistence-option
ACTION on persistence.rb should be an OptEnum
@egypt egypt Make sure @shares is initialized
Fixes a stack trace when the target isn't Windows
Commits on Apr 11, 2012
@egypt egypt Fix a NoMethodError on nil when cat'ing a file in meterpreter
Thanks, mihi for the report.
@egypt egypt Chmod the payload executable
Makes native payloads work on non-windows, thanks mihi!
Commits on Apr 12, 2012
@net-ninja net-ninja exploit for Quest InTrust 10.4.x Annotation Objects ActiveX Control A…
…nnotateX.dll Uninitialized Pointer Remote Code Execution
@hmoore-r7 hmoore-r7 The go faster button 91e8c71
@net-ninja net-ninja exploit for Quest InTrust 10.4.x Annotation Objects ActiveX Control A…
…nnotateX.dll Uninitialized Pointer Remote Code Execution
@sinn3r sinn3r Module rename. Cleanup whitespace. Fix typos. 0d739a1
@sinn3r sinn3r Randomize as many nops as possible without making the exploit too uns…
@todb todb Permissions fix for modicon_ladder.apx 18d83ee
Commits on Apr 13, 2012
@net-ninja net-ninja Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 762324e
@net-ninja net-ninja exploit for cyberlinks Power2Go application. I find this software ins…
…talled by default on alot of HP notebooks along with the CD installer. Not quite sure this was exploited earlier..
@net-ninja net-ninja fixed the description... c851722
@net-ninja net-ninja fixed references, describe target better cdd49bf
@sinn3r sinn3r Add CVE-2011-4828 module 2d069f8
@sinn3r sinn3r Merge branch 'master' of 1927feb
Commits on Apr 14, 2012
@sinn3r sinn3r Correct OSVDB reference, thanks Daniel 5cbf447
@sinn3r sinn3r These modules shouldn't be here, sorry 4be0361
Commits on Apr 15, 2012
@todb todb Merge branch 'master-clone' into rails3-clone 37ad606
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