PR queue

Updated Jul 5, 2018

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Empire Integration

Updated May 14, 2018

Allow using Empire payloads and listeners directly within Metasploit

This project is a container for a bunch of work that's going to be done to improve things in the following areas:

  • Fix a few issues with packets, the biggest one being the failure to handle those arriving out of order.
  • Improve the way we handle and manage sessions.
  • Mix up a few things to do with transports.
  • Make communications async in various ways.

SSH Sessions

Updated Jan 19, 2017

The SSH protocol inherently does a lot of what we want in a payload like Meterpreter; it can spawn a shell, run individual commands, upload/download binary files, and forward TCP ports. Quite a while back, a contributor made metassh, which copied a lot of the concepts from Meterpreter to take advantage of the SSH protocol. This project is an effort to bring that functionality to the master branch.

Module documentation

Updated Jul 14, 2018

An attempt to add documentation for some of the most used modules.