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closed #10914

wants to merge 10,000 commits into
base: unstable


None yet

ismailtasdelen commented Nov 4, 2018

Tell us what this change does. If you're fixing a bug, please mention
the github issue number.


List the steps needed to make sure this thing works

  • Start msfconsole
  • use auxiliary/scanner/ftps/ftps_version
  • ...
  • Verify the thing does what it should
  • Verify the thing does not do what it should not
  • Document the thing and how it works (Example)

RootUp and others added some commits Oct 10, 2018

Adding documentation
Documentation path: documentation/modules/exploit/windows/local/
Remove unknown author mapping in author.rb
No one was using it and instead writing "Unknown" directly. It was also
producing an invalid e-mail address.
Convert reverse_relative_name to a class method
It'll be easier to use this way if someone uses it externally.
Description update / typo fix
fix typo in module description (added one word)
improve windows_defender_js_hta :
-add platform detection for jsc
-prevent cmd prompt when launching jsc

jmartin-r7 and others added some commits Nov 1, 2018

Fix thread exception reporting for Ruby 2.3.8
Thread::report_on_exception doesn't exist.
Land #10834, messagebox payload for x64
Merge branch 'land-10834' into upstream-master
Land #10834, For real this time
Merge branch 'land-10834' into upstream-master

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timwr commented Nov 4, 2018

Can you try commit the change to a branch and create a pull request with just that change please?

git checkout -b yourbranch
git commit
git push itmailtasdelen yourbranch

@timwr timwr closed this Nov 4, 2018


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ismailtasdelen commented Nov 4, 2018

# This module requires Metasploit:
# Current source:

class MetasploitModule < Msf::Auxiliary
  include Msf::Exploit::Remote::Ftps
  include Msf::Auxiliary::Scanner
  include Msf::Auxiliary::Report

  def initialize
      'Name'        => 'FTPS Version Scanner',
      'Description' => 'Detect FTPS Version.',
      'References'  =>
          ['URL', ''],
      'Author'      => 'Ismail Tasdelen <ismailtasdelen[at]>',
      'License'     => MSF_LICENSE


  def run_host(target_host)


    res = connect(true, false)

      banner_sanitized = Rex::Text.to_hex_ascii(self.banner.to_s)
      print_good("FTPS Banner: '#{banner_sanitized}'")
      report_service(:host => rhost, :port => rport, :name => "ftps", :info => banner_sanitized)


    rescue ::Interrupt
      raise $!
    rescue ::Rex::ConnectionError, ::IOError


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ismailtasdelen commented Nov 4, 2018

The scanner module I have prepared is running.


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ismailtasdelen commented Nov 4, 2018

downloadable module -->

@ismailtasdelen ismailtasdelen changed the title from Add Module [ FTPS Version Scanner ] to closed Nov 4, 2018

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