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added exe-only options to win32pe generation #904

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agix sinn3r Raphael Mudge HD Moore Tod Beardsley James Lee dmaloney-r7 Meatballs1

"msfencode -t exe" or "-t exe-small" are now detected by AV regardless of the template.
This is a patch "-t exe-only" that insert payload at the template entry point adding flag writable on the section Characteristics.
So only payload can be detected by AV.

RWX sections could increase the detection but it can't be the only criterion of detection.

  • Choose a PE (not native windows binary nor already AVs detected binary obviously)
  • Change .text section Characteristics : add W flag (0x800000000) LordPE can do it...
  • Scan the PE with every AV you want
  • Beat me (...or not I hope)

Which AVs did you test this on?


I tried it against MSE, Kaspersky and McAffee, and if you try it WITHOUT payload and with a different template on virustotal you should obtain 0/48.

Raphael Mudge

+1 on this pull request. I tested it and it works. Here's how I tested it:

msf > use payload/windows/messagebox
msf payload(messagebox) > generate -t exe -f /root/a.exe
[] Writing 73802 bytes to /root/a.exe...
msf payload(messagebox) > generate -t exe-only -f /root/b.exe
] Writing 4608 bytes to /root/b.exe...

a.exe will get caught by anti-virus (in my case Windows Security Essentials). Why? Because even without attempting to preserve the template exe's functionality, the Metasploit Framework generates some stub code to spin up a new thread with win32_rwx_exec(code). This stub of code is what AV products are picking up as Swrort.A.

This pull request makes it so only the stager gets added when the template exe is not expected to keep its functionality. If the stager code is not picked up by anti-virus, then the exe will work.

One question you may ask--who is going to write new shellcode? Here's a use case: earlier this week I patched the generic/custom payload to make it possible to generate an exe from it. There was a reason why. I can write a small DLL, link it with Stephen Fewer's reflective DLL code, and pass it in as PAYLOADFILE. The earlier generic/custom patch makes it possible to generate an exe from that reflective DLL.

This pull request now makes it possible for that generated EXE to get past anti-virus, so long as the small DLL I provide isn't caught.

Raphael Mudge

Works fine with template executables too:

msf payload(messagebox) > generate -t exe -x /root/putty.exe -f /root/c.exe
[] Writing 483328 bytes to /root/c.exe...
msf payload(messagebox) > generate -t exe-only -x /root/putty.exe -f /root/d.exe
] Writing 483328 bytes to /root/d.exe...


Thanks for the support :D I thought nobody tried it !
Maybe there is some ruby stuff to improve but the exe-only totally remove the detection of any stubs that are not the shellcode...
The only problem could be the RWX section...

HD Moore

FYI, RWX sections trigger a number of AV heuristics


I don't know on which information you rely but on virustotal, only two trigger RWX section.
Here is a simple test :

python -c 'print "\x90"' | git/metasploit-framework/msfencode -e generic/none -t exe -x /mnt/vm/notepad++.exe > /tmp/test2.exe
26 / 46 :

python -c 'print "\x90"' | git/metasploit-framework/msfencode -e generic/none -t exe-only -x /mnt/vm/notepad++.exe > /tmp/test2.exe
2/46 :

Tod Beardsley todb-r7 referenced this pull request in agix/metasploit-framework

Exe only patch #1

Tod Beardsley

agix#1 resolves the merge conflict, and incidentally pulls back some original functionality.

agix commented

C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntkrnlpa.exe and C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ntoskrnl.exe
and same in System32 have a section RWX and I think they are important to windows system...
So if AV use only RWX section to catch virus, they would catch windows system binaries too...
One point for you is that the RWX section (in that binaries) doesn't contain the Entry Point...
I continue to scan windows native binaries.

((26 lines not shown))
  370 + if pe.hdr.opt.AddressOfEntryPoint >= virtualAddress && pe.hdr.opt.AddressOfEntryPoint < virtualAddress+sizeOfRawData
  371 + #put this section writable
  372 + characteristics|=0x80000000
  373 + newcharacteristics = [characteristics].pack('L')
  374 + exe[sec[0],newcharacteristics.length]=newcharacteristics
  375 + end
  376 + end
  377 +
  378 + #put the shellcode at the entry point, overwriting template
  379 + exe[pe.rva_to_file_offset(pe.hdr.opt.AddressOfEntryPoint),code.length]=code
  380 +
  381 + return exe
  382 + end
  383 +
  384 +
  385 + def self.to_win32pe_old(framework, code, opts={})x
James Lee Collaborator
jlee-r7 added a note

Typo? x at end of line.

Tod Beardsley Owner
todb-r7 added a note


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James Lee

Travis failure is legit. Please fix.


Virustotal is a poor indicator. For one thing, heuristics engines are NOT included in VT scans. You mgiht avoid signatures this way but could end up tripping new heuristics detection as @hmoore-r7 suggested.

Tod Beardsley todb-r7 referenced this pull request in agix/metasploit-framework

Fix egypt's typo #2

agix commented

@dmaloney-r7 how can I show my tests :) ? I think @rsmudge did his own tests...
I use this patch to avoid AVs during pentests (with a custom encoder that's catched when using with classic PE creation).
So can you prove me that an AV catch a binary just because of RWX section ?

Tod Beardsley

@agix describing a test procedure would be sufficient. Github Pull Requests even have some handy markup:

  • Dream up a testing procedure
  • Write it down in checkbox format on the PR
  • Toast your great success.

Note you might want to see if you can't convince @wchen-r7 to throw in, he has a pretty nice little AV lab environment set up now.


If this is additional functionality that doesn't affect existing functionality is there really a huge requirement to prove it bypasses lots? If it only bypasses one AV solution its still a benefit?

Its another technique/option people can choose which doesn't detract from existing functionality and people have confirmed it bypasses AV in some situations?

Tod Beardsley

@Meatballs1 the original PR wanted to change out the defaults for basically everything that used EXEs. For something like that, yes, it would need to get proved out to at least some level that existing functionality isn't busted.

As it stands now with the edits (default behavior was restored), that level of proof isn't required to land this -- but proving assertions is always better than merely asserting them. Once someone wants to change out the defaults again, then yes, we'll need to know that we're getting something out if it.

agix commented

Oh yeah, sorry, with @todb-r7 patch, now it doesn't affect any existing feature.
The test is pretty simple.
Take almost any binary you want.
The binary must be clean (not already detected by AV of course).
The binary must not be a windows native binary because some AV made a whitelist and detect for exemple calc.exe if you change just one byte.
After you choose your binary, just change the Characteristics of .text section with LordPE for exemple and add the flag W (0x80000000) to it.
If your AV tilt, so my patch is shit :(

This patch doesn't bypass AVs ! It's just a loader almost signatureless that AVs don't detect for the moment.
I hope AVs won't use section with RWX Characteristics because some windows binaries have this kind of sections.

I did it because the actual loader is detected even if you give nopsled as shellcode.

  • rsmudge's use case is valid
  • I could also see the value of something like this when debugging payloads
  • and agix's VT test showed that there might even be AV-bypassing value in this
  • the current version should not change any expected behavior

So it looks good to me.

scriptjunkie merged commit e567597 into from
agix agix deleted the branch
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