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fixed up findpids pr

dmaloney-r7 added some commits Aug 29, 2012
@dmaloney-r7 dmaloney-r7 Adds a new findpids command to meterpreter
findpids calls client.sys.process.get_processes like ps
but then filters out any processes that do not match
one of the process names supplied as arguments to the command.
`findpids explorer.exe notepad.exe` will return all processes
named explorer.exe or notepad.exe Allows for quick searching for
the pid you want. ideal for migration
@dmaloney-r7 dmaloney-r7 Built in regex support to findpids 228a150
@dmaloney-r7 dmaloney-r7 Moved help text into cmd_findpids_help 71e57a6
@dmaloney-r7 dmaloney-r7 Merge branch 'master' into findpids 4dbe776
@dmaloney-r7 dmaloney-r7 rolled changes into existing ps command
Some users requested this be added to the ps
command via a -S opt instead of creating a new command.
This limits the search to only one search parameter at a time
but with the ability to pass RegEx I think that's fine

I've got similar functionality in #800, where ps -S searches through all of the columns, allowing search by name, user, arch, etc. Same thing for ls -S


See #768 and #741

@jlee-r7 jlee-r7 pushed a commit that closed this pull request Oct 22, 2012
@egypt egypt Merge branch 'dmaloney-r7-findpids' into rapid7
[Closes #950]
@jlee-r7 jlee-r7 closed this in dafb56f Oct 22, 2012
@dmaloney-r7 dmaloney-r7 deleted the dmaloney-r7:findpids branch Mar 4, 2015
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