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added support to JRUBY #8

merged 1 commit into from about 1 year ago

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Victor Pereira Luke Imhoff
Victor Pereira

updated the gemspec to be able to use it with jruby 1.7.2

Luke Imhoff

Does using RUBY_PLATFORM check produce the correct result if you build the gem and then install from the .gem file? Or is it dependent on the build platform matching the install platform?

Victor Pereira

yes. on linux running with jruby from rvm it compiled and installed and i was able to run it, but i didn't run the specs.

Luke Imhoff

I'm working on getting a version of the gem we can release to rubygems as we're doing with the MRI version now. It should be possible from looking at how the bson gem releases a RUBY platform gem and a JAVA platform gem as can be seen from the version list here:

Luke Imhoff limhoff-r7 merged commit f94ef39 into from
Luke Imhoff limhoff-r7 closed this
Luke Imhoff

@vpereira do you want/need jruby support for metasploit-framework or do you just need metasploit_data_models in JRuby to pull out data that metasploit-framework has put into the database? If you want JRuby support for metasploit-framework, I've started a branch on my fork. Unfortunately, it has a lot of errors in the specs. If you want more metasploit-framework developers @rapid7 to look at making JRuby work for metasploit-framework you may want to reopen the old feature request on Redmine

Victor Pereira

Hi @limhoff-r7,

I was actually trying to run metasploit-framework over jruby. I wanted to test an IPS signature database and I developed a tool to do it that was just dying on MRI.. over JVM with real threads it worked, but I didn't test extensively the framework on jruby.

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Feb 07, 2013
Victor Pereira gemspec supports jruby f94ef39
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  1. +6 2 metasploit_data_models.gemspec
8 metasploit_data_models.gemspec
@@ -18,9 +18,13 @@ do |s|
18 18
19 19 # ---- Dependencies ----
20 20 s.add_development_dependency 'rake'
21   -
  21 + if RUBY_PLATFORM !~ /java/
  22 + s.add_runtime_dependency 'pg'
  23 + else
  24 + s.add_runtime_dependency 'jdbc-postgres'
  25 + s.add_runtime_dependency 'activerecord-jdbcpostgresql-adapter'
  26 + end
22 27 s.add_runtime_dependency 'activerecord', '>= 3.2.10'
23 28 s.add_runtime_dependency 'activesupport'
24   - s.add_runtime_dependency 'pg'
25 29 s.add_runtime_dependency 'pry'
26 30 end

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