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#Welcome to the warvox wiki!

Here are some tips regarding how to use this software...

  • The issues page isn't for tech support. It's for actual real issues or code fails. It doesn't come with warranty or support. Please don't open a bug if you're trying to hook the software up to your modem or toaster and expecting it to work. It won't unless you write the code for it and do a push request. If you don't understand the technology behind this software, don't ask hdm for help or waste his time. Dude is mad busy doing a little something something called "metasploit". Maybe you heard of it?

  • Alright, Two pieces of software out there. This and iWar. iWar designed for hardware modems, this works as a call identification engine. Both use IAX - NEITHER USE SIP. If you want to use this, you need to have Asterisk setup to route the IAX connection. It can be hosted solution or a docker container. It can be your own system or someone elses. But it needs to be there. Don't try to hook it up to your Obi device or Ooma and bitch that it doesn't work. Just, no. You're not ready. Read the start of this sentence again and study each word I mention - not singularly but also together.

  • WarVOX does benefit from better cpus as it's doing signal processing via a software based DSP library. Don't run 20 lines into a Raspberry Pi and expect it to work. It won't and you're a tool for thinking so.

  • No, it's not a software modem.

  • No, it's not a software modem.

  • No, it's not a software modem.

  • There is benefit if you record your calls if you're having issues so there is source material. Also, you may want to do it anyways as there is a change happening in machine learning and statistical analysis... This will save you from redialing.

  • It's looking for patterns and tones. It may not work with every call. It may not work with your phone network. But you can control it. Ruby is a very forgiving language...

  • If you do open a bug, add some detail in it other than it's broken. The software isn't broken in that case, you're lacking knowledge. It's not the author's fault that you're undereducated on the subject. Open google and begin to study the errors you see on the screen and in the asterisk console. Then understand it. If there is an issue, describe everything you're doing, include the entire error message. The author cannot divine your problem out of thin air, tell us your problem in great detail as too much detail is better than no detail. But don't use that as an excuse to send your core dumps. The author is not your tech support.

  • Be self sufficient. This isn't script kiddie software. It's meant for serious research on a serious topic.

  • Show some love and write a patch. Write some dox. Buy hdm a beer or something. It's not like you don't see him at BH/Defcon, sheesh.

xoxo -jfalcon (telephreak)