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xenanthropy @ 1f512cd

Xenanthropy is the expression of human potential in the pursuit of enhancement therein. As such, Xenanthropism posits that mastery of the human condition is best characterized by a state of perpetual growth. It is a philosophy of new humanity, meant to formulate a means of achieving a permanent état extraordinaire, both actively subordinating and seemingly alien to any given stage of greater human development.

Here, we will attempt to devise a system by which contemporary means of collaborative, iterative, and open development may be employed toward elucidation of xenanthropy. To this end, we have a repository hub, its wiki, and the focal point of it all, its literary form. In the interest of the proliferation and expansion of this body of work, it would behoove those interested in contributing to retrieve the whole of it by the following means:

git clone --recursive

All others may find some interest in proceeding to further reading on the Practice of Xenanthropy, as currently documented. Note that this work will likely be in its infancy until some time to come, so feedback is also encouraged by the means of our chosen platform.

Take note that though the manner of our documentation and development of this endeavor of philosophy may seem unorthodox, the very means and method of this is wholly congruent with a futurist proclivity (the expeditionary mode, in our terms), and xenanthropy is nothing if not a means of securing humanity's future.


This is home for the development of the principles and practice of xenanthropy, the philosophy of new humanity.








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