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+# OSX ignores

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Don't all the OSX git clients do this by default?


Hi Geoffrey, not that I know of. I'm also not aware of any specific OSX git clients.

I just upgraded my git to from 1.7.1 to double-check and I don't see this ignore as default. It doesn't strike me as a good idea for git to make this assumption anyway.

In the current file, my addition of the ignore for .DS_Store is redundant because of the existing ignore for all dotfiles, but I prefer to be explicit. Dotfiles can be used for different purposes and some should be checked in (Viz the 'unignore' for .gitignore). I usually list .classpath and .project explicitly in the ignore file.

Perhaps a better thing for me to do would be to add .DS_Store to my global .gitignore so I don't have to do this on all my git-managed projects. I'll look into this and remove this commit when I get a chance.

Congratulations on getting drools moved to github!


It's not redundant as is, because the leading slash means something:
ignores /.DS_Store but not /src/.DS_Store (note that we don't want to do just .*)
But as you'll add them to the mac global ignore's, I won't add it to our ignores for the time being

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