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What is this?

These files are Sublime Text plugins

Sublime Text is an awesome text editor for Windows, and should be available on OSX and Linux at some point.

See the header in every .py file for detailed explanations about what they do and usage information.

Included are:

  • quickOpenProject: Opens a quick panel with your list of sublime project files
  • duplicateLine: Duplicates the current line or selected text
  • jsLint: Checks the syntax of js files on save
  • phpLint: Checks the syntax of php files on save
  • cleanAndSave: Cleans the trailing whitespaces and saves the file (deprecated)


Drop the files in a "Seld" directory in your sublime packages dir, which should be located at: C:\Users*YOUR_USER*\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text\Packages

If you do a git clone, that would be (in the Packages dir) :

git clone Seld

The name of the directory is important for the JSLint plugin, the rest should work no matter where it is.