Continuous Integration

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  • Run tests on pull requests, Merge pull requests only when build is already green
  • Evergreen master (or at least > 99%)
  • No overhead of a core team maintaining servers. The CI should keep running
  • Less queuing

Current CI Pipeline

  • Travis-CI runs on every pull request, and directly marks the pull request as red/green
  • We merge only if the pull request is green
  • Jenkins runs after merging, and handles deployments tasks such as deploying to Dev/Test/UAT, uploading APKs, etc

One-time tasks such as generating an installer, etc are not to be delegated to the CI. Whenever a production release is made, generate the installer and upload it to the Releases folder, and be done with it.

Deployment Process

  1. A pull request is merged into rapidftr master branch
  2. The Docker build is triggered to build a docker image for the application.
  3. When docker is done building the image, it notifies the Jenkins CI using a configured web hook to start running the deployment pipeline
  4. When the CI pipeline runs to completion, it deploys to the configured nodes e.g.
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