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Contributor Quick Start

Stories for all RapidFTR projects (web, android, infrastructure, guides) are tracked as GitHub Issues in this repository. You can contribute to RapidFTR in a variety of ways, including:

  • Rails/Android Development
  • DevOps Automation
  • Automated BDD Testing
  • UI/UX Enhancements
  • Documentation

Choose a Story

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Pick stories that are in Milestone: Free to Play and Status: Ready. Free to Play stories are not tied to a deadline or dependency, so they are very appropriate to start with.
  • Post a comment saying you're going to work on this story, so that nobody else picks it up. Otherwise stories will get mixed up, especially in code jams!
  • Use the labels to the left to further filter by estimated effort, Web/Android/Chef, etc.
  • Read the comments and linked issues
  • Alternatively, check the Waffle board. Same story list in a Kanban board. Again make sure to filter by Free to Play and Status: Ready


  • Fork the appropriate project (web/android/chef)
  • Do your wizardry on your fork
  • Don't wait until you have completely finished. Raise a pull request whenever you have anything ready - so that you can get early feedback from us. Travis-CI also runs on all pull requests, so you can get early feedback on the test suite as well!
  • We'll mark the story as In Dev (or In QA for automation stories) when you raise the pull request
  • In the pull request, mention the story number. Just add the word "rapidftr/tracker#" somewhere, e.g. "this implements rapidftr/tracker#34". This will link your pull request to the appropriate story


  • Check the Build Status. We use Travis-CI, so once you raise a pull request, you'll find (in a short while) notices in the pull request saying "Travis Build is running". Click on it to find the test case results, and make sure your code passes all tests
  • Look for code review comments in the pull request
  • Add Automation Tests for your story. We use Cucumber so it is not difficult to write some of your own scenarios. Being an open source project, the only way to maintain code correctness is through tests


  • Thank you so much for getting things done. We'll merge your pull request