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statsd-vis is a standalone, zero-dependency single-binary StatsD server with built-in web UI with which you can visualize graphs.

It holds time series data for a configurable time in-memory, and does not persist or forward it.


statsd-vis is written entirely in Go. To build it, you can go get it:

go get

You should find the binary statsd-vis under $GOPATH/bin when the command completes. There are no runtime dependencies or configuration needed.


You can set parameters like the flush interval, percentiles etc. on the command-line:

statsd-vis 0.1 - (c) 2017 RapidLoop - MIT Licensed -
statd-vis is a standalone statsd server with built-in visualization

  -flush interval
    	flush interval (default 10s)
  -percentiles string
    	percentiles for timer metrics (default "90,95,99")
  -retention duration
    	duration to retain the metrics for (default 30m0s)
  -statsdtcp address
    	statsd TCP listen address (default "")
  -statsdudp address
    	statsd UDP listen address (default "")
  -webui address
    	web UI listen address (default "")


You can get pre-built binaries for releases from the releases page.

There is also a statsd-vis Docker image on Docker Hub, built from source on each commit. You can run the Docker image with:

docker run --rm -it -p 8080:8080 -p 8125:8125/udp -p 8125:8125/tcp rapidloop/statsd-vis -statsdudp -statsdtcp

Notice that for Docker usage, you have to listen on, since the default won't be reachable from outside the container, even from the Docker host.


  • v0.1, 13-May-2017: first public release