Generating styled markup from a folder of markup snippets, using JavaScript on node.js
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Pattern-Primer-on-Node is a node.js port of Jeremy Keith's Pattern Primer, which is written in PHP.

Create little snippets of markup and save them to the "patterns folder." The pattern primer will generate a list of all the patterns in that folder. You will see the pattern rendered as HTML. You will also get the source displayed in a textarea.


You'll need node.js installed (obviously).

npm install -g connect pattern-primer

###Simple Usage

Place all your HTML extracts into the <root>/public/patterns folder. Navigate to the root directory of Pattern-Primer-on-Node and run:


You can then navigate to http://localhost:8080/ to see the output.

###Headless Operation

If you want to generate a 'standalone' version of the primer output, then you can also run the program with the tofile switch as follows:

pattern-primer --tofile

This will place a standalone html file, and a copy of the 'global.css' file located in <root>/public and will place them in <root>/docs. You should just be able to navigate to that folder and open the index.html file to see the same output.