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RAPIDS Community Contrib

Table of Contents


Welcome to the community contributed notebooks repo! (formerly known as Notebooks-Extended)

The purpose of this collection is to introduce RAPIDS to new users by providing useful jupyter notebooks as learning aides. This collection of notebooks are direct community contributions by the RAPIDS team, our Ecosystem Partners, and RAPIDS users like you!

What do you mean "Community Notebooks"

These notebooks are for the community. It means:

  1. YOU can contribute workflow examples, tips and tricks, or tutorials for others to use and share! We ask that you follow our Testing and PR process.
  2. If your notebook is awesome, your notebook can be featured

There are some additional Community Responsibilities, as the RAPIDS team isn't maintaining these notebooks

  • If you write an awesome notebook, please try to keep it maintained. You'll be mentioned on the issue.
  • If you find an issue, don't just file an issue - please attempt to fix it!
  • If a notebook has a problem and/or its last tested RAPIDS release version is in legacy, it may be removed to archives.

RAPIDS Showcase Notebooks

These notebooks are built by the RAPIDS team and will be maintained by them. When we remove the notebooks, it will become community maintained until it hits the_archive

How to Contribute

Please see our guide for contributing to notebooks-contrib.

Once you've followed our guide, please don't forget to test your notebooks! before making a PR.

Exploring the Repo


  • getting_started_notebooks - “how to start using RAPIDS”. Contains notebooks showing "hello worlds", getting started with RAPIDS libraries, and tutorials around RAPIDS concepts.
  • community_tutorials_and_guides - community contributed “how to accomplish your workflows with RAPIDS”. Contains notebooks showing algorithm and workflow examples, benchmarking tools, and some complete end-to-end (E2E) workflows.
  • community_archive - This contains notebooks with known issues that have not have not been fixed in 45 days or more. contains shared notebooks mentioned and used in blogs that showcase RAPIDS workflows and capabilities
  • the_archive - contains older notebooks from community members as well as notebooks that the RAPIDS team no longer updates, but are useful to the community, such as archived_rapids_blog_notebooks, archived_rapids_event_notebooks, and competition_notebooks
  • data - contains small data samples used for purely functional demonstrations. Some notebooks include cells that download larger datasets from external websites.

Great places to get started


Click each topic to expand

RAPIDS Libraries Basics

Getting Started Readings

Teaching Notebooks

Official Cheat Sheets

Cloud Service Providers




Multi GPU

Getting Started

Example Workflows

Dask Tricks

RAPIDS and Deep Learning
Data Visualizations with RAPIDS

Offical RAPIDS Demos


Streaming Data
Graph Analytics
GIS/Spatial Analytics
Past Competitions
Random Tips and Tricks

How-Tos with our Ecosystem Partners


Additional Resources

Beyond our Official RAPIDS Docs, please:

Additional Information

  • The data folder also includes the full image set from the Fashion MNIST dataset.

  • utils: contains a set of useful scripts for interacting with RAPIDS Community Notebooks

  • For our notebook examples and tutorials found on github, in each respective repo.