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[ARCHIVED] cuDF [alpha] - RAPIDS Merge of GoAi into cuDF
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⚠️ [ARCHIVED] cuDF-alpha

All development has moved to the cuDF repo effective October 28th 2018

The contents of this repo and the README have been archived for reference. Future development for cuDF will take place in the cuDF repo.

Outstanding Issues

All issues will be copied and migrated to the cuDF repo.


Where is cuDF?

We are in the process of integrating and merging PyGDF and LibGDF into a unified library called cuDF. This is a part of RAPIDS project and will take place over the next few weeks. All development has moved from to this org.

Learn more about RAPIDS

For more information see the announcement and details about the RAPIDS project

Using PyGDF and LibGDF


To build and install libGDF see the libGDF README


To build and install pyGDF see the pyGDF README