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cuML Python Package

To use cuML, it must be cloned and built in an environment that already has the dependencies, including cuDF and its dependencies.

List of dependencies:

  1. zlib
  2. cmake (>= 3.8, version 3.11.4 is recommended and there are issues with version 3.12)
  3. CUDA SDK (>= 9.2)
  4. Cython (>= 0.28)
  5. gcc (>=5.4.0)
  6. nvcc
  7. cuDF

Setup steps

To clone:

git clone --recurse-submodules

To build the python package, in the repository root folder:

cd python
python install

Python Tests

Additional python tests can be found in the pythontests folder, along some useful scripts. Py.test based unit testing is still being worked on.