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cuxfilter 0.2.0 (19 Sep 2019)

New Features

  • Initial release of cuxfilter python package


  • Massive refactor and architecture change compared to the js (client-server) architecture

Bug Fixes

  • PR #78 Fix gpuCI GPU build script
  • PR #83 Fix conda upload
  • PR #84 Updated Docs and Readme with conda nightly install instructions for cuxfilter version 0.12
  • PR #86 Implemented #79 - cudatashader replaced by datashader(>=0.9) with cudf & dask_cudf support
  • PR #87 Implemented jupyter-server-proxy as discussed in #73
  • PR #89 Fixed headless chrome sandbox for dashboard preview feature issue mentioned in #88
  • PR #90 Implemented deck-gl_bokeh plugin and integrated with cuxfilter with layout and theme options and added full support for layer
  • PR #93 Added typescript bindings in conda build package and added tests
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