Dask support for distributed GDF object
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Dask GPU Dataframes

A partitioned gpu-backed dataframe, using Dask.

Setup from source

Setup from source repo:

  1. Install dependencies into a new conda environment

    conda install -n dask-cudf \
       -c rapidsai -c numba -c conda-forge -c defaults \
       pygdf dask distributed cudatoolkit
  2. Activate conda environment:

    source activate dask-cudf
  3. Clone dask_gdf repo:

    git clone https://github.com/rapidsai/dask-cudf
  4. Install from source:

    cd dask-cudf
    pip install .


  1. Install pytest

    conda install pytest
  2. Run all tests:

    py.test dask_cudf
  3. Or, run individual tests:

     pytest dask_cudf/tests/test_file.py