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RAPIDS Spark examples
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This repo provides docs and example applications that demonstrate the GPU-accelerated XGBoost-Spark project.


Getting Started Guides

Try one of the Getting Started guides below. Please note that they target the Mortgage dataset as written, but with a few changes to EXAMPLE_CLASS, trainDataPath, and evalDataPath, they can be easily adapted to the Taxi or Agaricus datasets.

You can get a small size datasets for each example in the datasets folder. These datasets are only provided for convenience. In order to test for performance, please prepare a larger dataset by following Preparing Datasets. We also provide a larger dataset: Morgage Dataset (1 GB uncompressed), which is used in the guides below.

These examples use default parameters for demo purposes. For a full list please see Supported XGBoost Parameters for Scala or Python

XGBoost-Spark API

Advanced Topics

Contact Us

Please see the RAPIDS website for contact information.


This content is licensed under the Apache License 2.0

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