Django 1.4+ project template for starting new RapidSMS projects.
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{% if False %} Installation ------------

To start a new project with this template: startproject --template= --extension=py,rst <project_name>
Or to use a released version: startproject --template= --extension=py,rst <project_name>

{% endif %} {{ project_name|title }} ========================

Below you will find basic setup instructions for the {{ project_name }} project. To begin you should have the following applications installed on your local development system:

Getting Started

To setup your local environment you should create a virtualenv and install the necessary requirements:

virtualenv {{ project_name }}-env

On Posix systems you can activate your environment like this:

source {{ project_name }}-env/bin/activate

On Windows, you'd use:

{{ project_name }}-env\Scripts\activate


cd {{ project_name }}
pip install -U -r requirements/base.txt

Run migrate:

python migrate

You should now be able to run the development server:

python runserver