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Code contributions governed by one or both of the following CLAs:
RapidSMS Individual Contributor License Agreement
RapidSMS Corporate Contributor License Agreement
View contributors who have signed CLAs:
individual contributors
corporate contributors
Below is a list of code contributors (as of 30 March 2011), outputted by
$ git log --format=format:"%an <%aE>" | sort | uniq
adammck <>
Adam Mckaig <>
Adam Mckaig <adammck@fry.localdomain>
Colin Copeland <>
Cory Zue <>
David McCann <>
dimagidan <>
dmyung <dmyung@ubuntu.ubuntu-domain>
Drew Roos <>
Emma Oluka <oluka@oluka.(none)>
Evan Wheeler <>
evan wheeler <ewheeler@abacus.local>
Evan Wheeler <ewheeler@astrolabe.local>
ewheeler <>
Jeffrey Wishnie <jwishnie@wish-mac.local>
Jeff Wishnie <>
Mark E Johnston <>
Meredith Finkelstein <>
Meredith <meredith@system76-netbook.(none)>
Mike Edwards <>
Nchimunya Hamakando <nchimunya@mist.cva>
Nic Pottier <>
RapidSMS <rapidsms@rapidsms-desktop.(none)>
RapidSMS <rapidsms@ubuntu.ubuntu-domain>
rgaudin <>
root <root@rapidsms-desktop.(none)>
root <root@rowena-vm.(none)>
root <root@tostan-rapidsms.(none)>
root <root@tostansms.(none)>
Rowena <>
Rowena <rowena@rowena-ubuntu.(none)>
Rowena <rowena@rowena-vm.(none)>
Schuyler Erle <sderle@goldman.(none)>
Solomon Adebayo <>
soloz <>
takinbo <>
thebenedict <>
Tim Akinbo <>
Tobias McNulty <>
tsinkala <>
unknown <Cory Zue@.(none)>
unknown <dmyung@.(none)>
unknown <soolz@.(none)>
U-rotop\rowena <rowena@rotop.(none)>
U-rotop\Rowena <Rowena@rotop.(none)>
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