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#!/usr/bin/env python
# vim: ai ts=4 sts=4 et sw=4
from rapidsms.contrib.handlers.handlers.keyword import KeywordHandler
from rapidsms.models import Contact
class RegisterHandler(KeywordHandler):
Allow remote users to register themselves, by creating a Contact
object and associating it with their Connection. For example::
>>> RegisterHandler.test('join Adam Mckaig')
['Thank you for registering, Adam Mckaig!']
>>> Contact.objects.filter(name="Adam Mckaig")
[<Contact: Adam Mckaig>]
Note that the ``name`` field of the Contact model is not constrained
to be unique, so this handler does not reject duplicate names. If
you wish to enforce unique usernames or aliases, you must extend
Contact, disable this handler, and write your own.
keyword = "register|reg|join"
def help(self):
self.respond("To register, send JOIN <NAME>")
def handle(self, text):
contact = Contact.objects.create(name=text) = contact
"Thank you for registering, %(name)s!" % {'name':})