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RapidSMS is a free and open source framework for building interactive SMS applications, which integrates tightly with Django to provide a rich reporting interface. It was created by the Innovation Team at UNICEF, and is under development by the RapidSMS Team.

Build Status


  • A framework for processing text messages through a series of phases.
  • Support for sending and receiving messages from pluggable backends, including Kannel.
  • A swappable routing architecture with support for background processing with Celery.
  • Built-in commonly used apps in rapidsms.contrib, including registration.


RapidSMS is best installed via PyPI. To install the latest version, run:

$ pip install rapidsms



Documentation on using RapidSMS is available on Read The Docs.


RapidSMS is released under the BSD License. See the LICENSE file for more details.


If you think you've found a bug or are interested in contributing to this project check out RapidSMS on Github. A full contributing guide can be found in the online documentation.

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