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Version Control Strategy

The master Branch

The master branch is reserved for development that happens on the next major or minor version to be released (See Version Management for details).

Current Version Branches

There is also a branch for the current minor version of each major version. Changes always happen in trunk (except for the case noted below) and MAY be back-ported (if sensible) to the branch of the current minor version of the current major version.

Future Version Branches

Only major version jumps may introduce Backwards-incompatible API changes. If the next version to be released happens to be a minor version (and has already been designated as such), a branch should be introduced for the development of the next major version. As soon as the next minor version is released and branched-off, the major-version branch will be merged back into the master branch and deleted.


The Release branches always follow the pattern release-major.minor, e.g. release-1.0, release-1.1, release-2.0.

Release tags are named after the complete version number including ReleaseNo, e.g. 1.0.0, 1.0.1rc1, 1.1.1, without any prefix or suffix.

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