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Laravel 5.* Boilerplate, Currently 5.3.20 Screenshots

"A thousand hour head start!" - Some guy who codes things

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This project is to be served as a basis for a fully fledged web application, it is constantly evolving and has many contributors. It has been converted into many languages, and more are being added every month. As with any project, nothing is perfect, I made this in my spare time and while I have used it for many people, there will always be bugs. If you find a bug please make an issue, also please refrain from making issues that are specific to your project and not the boilerplate. I hope you enjoy all of the hard work I have put into this, I plan on keeping it updated but I will definitely need help if anyone is available to research issues and make pull requests to fix them. Also, don't be insulted if I refactor your code after a pull request, I like to stay organized and keep the flow of the source uniform.

Thanks for using this project and I hope you find it useful!


  • Custom Access Control System (Authentication/Users/Roles/Permissions)
    • Register/Login/Logout/Password Reset
    • Third party login (Github/Facebook/Twitter/Google/Linked In/BitBucket)
    • Account Confirmation By E-mail
    • Resend Confirmation E-mail
    • Login Throttling
    • Administrator Management
      • User Index
      • Activate/Deactivate Users
      • Soft & Permanently Delete Users
      • Resend User Confirmation E-mails
      • Change Users Password
      • Create/Manage Roles
      • Manage Users Roles/Permissions
      • "Login As" User
  • Default Responsive Layout
  • Frontend and Backend Controllers
  • User Dashboard
  • Administration Dashboard with Admin LTE Theme
  • Namespaced Routes
  • Form/HTML Facades Included
  • Default Forms Converted to Form Helper Methods
  • Master Layout Files with common sections
  • Laravel Elixir 6.0
  • Elixir Compilation and Auto-Prefixation of CSS in header
  • Elixir Compilation and Auto-Prefixation of JS in footer
  • Helper functions
  • Javascript/jQuery Snippets
  • Bootstrap 3
  • Font Awesome
  • Global Messages/Exception Handling
  • Form Macros (State and Country dropdowns, easy to extend)
  • Socialite Integration
  • Active Menu
  • ARCANEDEV Log Viewer
  • Dynamic Breadcrumbs
  • Localization with RTL support in 9 languages so far.
  • Gravatar
  • Laravel Debugbar
  • jQuery Datatables
  • Built in custom history management facade for accountability
  • Event subscribers
  • Google reCaptcha
  • Vue 2.0
  • Standards
    • PSR-2
    • Clean Controllers
    • Repository/Contract Implementations
    • Request Classes
    • Events/Handlers
    • Entire application split between frontend/backend
    • Localization Throughout