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@rappen rappen released this Dec 2, 2019


  • ad96f9a Release notes etc
  • cb6d5c5 Merge pull request #270 from MarkMpn/live-changes
  • 4ac524f Do not show error messages during live updates
  • 2becb80 Fixed #267 Flow is renamed
  • 97232c1 Updated to latest packages.
  • 8a09e16 Merge pull request #268 from MarkMpn/sql4cds
  • c0fb02d Merge pull request #262 from MarkMpn/live-changes
  • c42637b Fixed old blog url
  • 7fee72a Made SQL 4 CDS integration optional on setting
  • ee6c2c4 Added option to edit query in SQL 4 CDS
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  • 590dc6f Use SQL 4 CDS for FetchXml -> SQL conversion where possible
  • 020c938 Apply updates live
  • b5e561f Merge pull request #261 from MarkMpn/flow
  • a64192d Merge branch 'master' into flow
  • 0b87daa Performance improvement for OData4 generation by removing unnecessary looping
  • 3815f8d Handle generating OData URL for link entities with no child items

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